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1.About Air Antilles Express

Air Antilles in France is a French carrier based at Pointe-a-Pitre International Airport (Guadeloupe). It provides both seasonal and scheduled services within the French Antilles.

Air Guyane launched operations in December 2002.

2.Air Antilles Express Reservations

a. Air Antilles Express Booking Numbers

Air Antilles reservation number

Contact 0890648 648, and we will help you. We are open Monday to Saturday between 8AM and 5PM and Sunday from 8AM-12PM.

3.Air Antilles Express Facilities

Cool, comfortable seats with air conditioning. Enjoy a buffet breakfast.

Air Antilles’ magazine is available in-flight entertainment.

4.Air Antilles Express Popular Destination and Hubs

Hub Airport

Pointe-a-Pitre International Airport

Air Antilles bases its operations at Pointe-a-Pitre International Airport.

Air Antilles conducts scheduled passenger flights from several Caribbean destinations such a Antigua & Barbados, Martinique Saint Barthelemy Saint Lucia, Saint Martin & St Maarten.

5.Air Antilles Express Boarding Pass

You will have a smooth check in and a pleasant experience when you go through security.
Checking-in deadlines differ depending on which airport you're at.

Air Antilles offers a 30-minute minimum check-in for all flights.
60 minutes for flights departing St-Martin Juliana, (SXM).
The flight from Cayenne (CAY), takes about 45 minutes
45 minute drive from San Juan.
1h departures, San Juan, SJU

You're responsible for meeting the deadline. You may lose your reservation.
It's a great way of reducing time and having a relaxing holiday.

Receive all information regarding your Air Antilles first flight from our agents and staff. Checkin deadlines might apply.

Checkin times dictate the time that you have to arrive at the boarding gate. Always follow the time of departure.
If you arrive late for check-in, or miss your flight, the airline may cancel or transfer the reservation.

6.Air Antilles Express Policies

a.Baggage Policy & Fees

The airline offers three categories of baggage: checked and carry-on. You can find more information about our baggage policies in the following document

Carry-on luggage

Carry-on luggage weighs 11lbs. Carry-on dimensions must not exceed 21x11x7.8 in (height/width/depth). Carry-on luggage cannot exceed 21x11x7.8 in (height/width/depth).

Checked baggage

FLEX SUPER and COOL fares allow 50 pounds baggage allowance.
All prices are subject to change without notice. To purchase a 50-lb baggage allowance, when you arrive in your destination, it costs EUR25.
Extra luggage, or any other items that are not standard, may be subject to an additional cost.
Children under 2 years (seatless traveler) may apply for baggage allowances. This includes:
1 carry-on bag
1 checked baggage (maximum 22 lb).
1 buggy for 1 car, 1 car seat (checked stroller folding).

People with disabilities or limited mobility may have an extra baggage allowance. This is in addition to the fare-based amount.
One personal mobility system (electronic chair, wheelchair)

b. Pet Policy

Only cats/pets are allowed to travel in cargo
Do not transport pets less than 8 weeks old as cargo.
It is against law to transport canines of first or secondary class.
Cargo transport will be allowed provided the pet weights no more than 66.6 lbs.
It violates the law to transport pets, cats, or other animals in containers that are approved.


C. Cancellation policy and Refund policy

Air Antilles Express (large airline in the country) offers a wide selection of domestic and international routes.

Air Antilles Express will be happy to assist you with cancelling your flight.

Cancellation within the 24 hour policy (Depends if origin country or airline)

Air Antilles Express is a 24-hour cancellation option that ensures passengers are happy. Air Antilles Express also offers more flexibility for passengers while bookings will still be taken care of.


Air Antilles Express' cancellation policy is 24 hours. Air Antilles Express allows passengers to cancel their Air Antilles Express flight or modify it within 24 hours.

These data were compiled from many sources. Airlinesmap.com does not endorse the policies of Air Antilles Express .





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