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Sometimes, your AirPods may not function properly or won’t pair or charge. So, you can reset them using simple methods suggested by the tech giant.

Apple has outlined a way to reset its AirPods that you can find in the factory settings. It can be done simply as with any other device. In case of a pair of earbuds, resetting seems unusual. But, today’s; wireless headphones have become more complicated than ever before with the integration of various sophisticated features and pairing requirements. Since AirPods falls very much into this category and so resetting seems possible in them.

AirPods were launched in 2016 with various functionalities and features that include a microphone, automatic setup, good sound quality, Siri integration, music pausing, and function switching. These AirPods were designed to provide convenience to users and the entire Apple ecosystem rather than just giving the users a listening experience.

Apple introduced its second-generation AirPods in 2019 with much improved technical specifications and enhancements. Its second-generation AirPods were powered by headphone specific H1 chip with longer battery life, better performance, and many other improved features. However, AirPods users are still facing issues with it, such as reducing battery life and the potential for refusing to charge, function properly, or pair on many occasions.

For these issues, such as refusing to pair or charge or function properly, Apple has provided proper guidelines that you can use to resolve them. Such issues can be solved by resetting the AirPods. To reset your AirPods, put them into their charging case for 30 seconds and shut the lid. Then, You should reopen the lid and search for the Settings option on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. After then, click on Settings, and then click on Bluetooth. Further, click on Forget this Device and click again to confirm.

Finalize The AirPods Resetting

The users can finish the resetting procedure when they will unpair their AirPods from their device. To do that, the users should need to keep their AirPods in their charging case while keeping their lid open. Then, the users have to press and hold the setup button, appearing on the case for almost 15 seconds.

You can find the setup button on the rear, and when you will hold and press it for a longer time, the status light will start flashing amber. The flashing of this amber light is the indication that you have reset your AirPods. Now, you can reconnect your AirPods to your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad device by placing the charging case containing AirPods.

While reconnecting your AirPods to your device, keep it close to your device’s proximity with its lid open and then follow the instructions appearing on the screen. As Apple Says, when the users finish resetting their AirPods, they need to do more settings. To do that, they will be directed to the AirPods settings on their device once the users will reconnect the reset pair.

To navigate those settings, open the charging case of your AirPods and search for Settings. Now, go to the Bluetooth option on your device and click on the info icon appearing as an ‘i’ in a circle. It will appear to you next to the AirPods listings. Here, you can change the name of a pair of your AirPods.

Plus, you can change your AirPods’ double-click action,  turn off or on the Automatic Ear Detection feature, and set the microphone of your AirPods to the right, left, or even made it automatic. You can change the name of Apple AirPods using your iPhone. To do this, you have to keep your iPhone and AirPods close. After then, open the charging case of your AirPods and connect it to your iPhone using Bluetooth.

Go to your iPhone and search for the Settings option. It will appear to you like a grey cog at the top, and then click on Bluetooth. Here, you will view the list of devices. Click on the I option to get the information about your AirPods that will include the name. When you click on the name, it will allow you to change it manually.

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