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The second-most valuable telecoms brand in India, Airtel, has also expanded into the television industry. Customers of Airtel seemed to enjoy the digital TV service. You've come to the right place if you're one of the subscribers seeking Airtel DTH remote control features. This blog thoroughly analyzes the Airtel DTH remote control's features and cost. You may use the Airtel Digital TV DTH Remote as a suitable backup. Additionally, the controller continues watching your preferred TV programming.

You can play games, move to your desired channel using direct numeric feeds, change the volume, mute the TV. It performs many other tasks on your television set without any problems. It is a 59-gram, 18 x 7 x 1 cm gadget that makes watching television more convenient and comfortable. Sony Home Theater Remote Control, resistant to wear and other types of deterioration, works flawlessly for you over a prolonged period.

Full-HD Capture
You may record your live televised shows with this DTH remote controller so that you can watch them whenever you want in the future. It includes utterly high-definition recording buttons. It allows you to enjoy a fantastic playback of your favorite TV shows to pass the time.

Worldwide Application
A practical one-point answer for several devices. This DTH remote control may use to operate both your television and Airtel Digital TV set-top box. Its usability is further increased because it is universally compatible with all television brands.

Long-Lasting Battery
Before replacing the DTH Remote Controller's battery with new cells, you may use it for roughly ten months. You may enjoy uninterrupted TV viewing of movies, music, and programs for extended periods. Additionally, the remote controller's exterior LED light acknowledges your orders by blinking. So you always know precisely when you enter something. The Airtel Digital TV DTH Remote Original SD/HD/HD Recording Compatible fits the description given above.

With the Airtel Smart Remote, you can use your phone as a smart remote to change channels, control TV volume, establish favorite channels, enter text, navigate with a click and drag, and more. Hot button functionality to quickly access your favorite tracks and applications. Play your favorite Airtel games with the built-in Smart Gamepad, which has tilt controls and configurable buttons for each match.

For a better watching experience, use the Share on TV function to cast audio, video, and images from your mobile device to your TV. You can watch TV without interruption with intelligent connectivity options. Including auto-reconnect, one-tap connect, wifi push connectivity, and multi-device compatibility.



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