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Akshaya Tritiya – Traditional Rituals On This Day

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Akshaya Tritiya will happen on 3rd May 2022 this year. It is one of the auspicious days that are a must-celebration in Hinduism. Jains also celebrate the occasion with great enthusiasm. The occasion happens yearly and indicates the third day of the Full Moon phase.


In some cities or states, it is also known as Akha Teej. The day is also celebrated in other countries such as Nepal. The day is considered so sacred that people don’t have to look for any Muhurtam, and they can initiate any auspicious work at any time of this day.


Akshaya Tritiya: Traditional Rituals


Preparing the Akshate: People observe fast on this day of Akshaya Tritiya. They prepare rice grains that are unbroken. They smear these grains with Haldi and Kumkum. People then offer these grains to Lord Vishnu to please him. This brings prosperity and abundance to the family.


Charity: People donate things, and they help the needy ones. It is said that whatever is earned on Akshaya Tritiya always multiplies. Hence when people do charity, they earn good karma. Earning good karma on this day is believed to multiply it several times.


Buying gold: There is a practice of buying gold on this day. Just like there is a ritual of buying clothes and utensils on Dhanteras, on Akshaya Tritiya, people buy silver and gold. This brings prosperity to the family and makes the members able to buy such precious metals every year.


Puja, Japa, and Yajya: The worship of deities like Lord Vishnu and Ganesha is also significant. Worshipping these deities brings luck and fortune to the family. People also remember the departed souls of their ancestors and provide them Tarpan or respect.


Naivedyam thali: This is a special kind of Thali in South India prepared on important days only. The Thali comprises many food items made of milk and other milk products. The Thali is ready to in other Indian states; however, the items may differ.


People also sprinkle Tulsi water while worshiping Lord Vishnu since Tulsi is dear to him.


In Odisha, which is the Eastern part of India, the farmers celebrate the day. The day commences the arrival of Kharif season, during which the farmers sow the first paddy field. This is the most important day for the farmers since Kharif is the main crop in the region.


Farmers also worship their animals, seeds, and harvesting equipment as they all help them in the field. People like business people worship Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi as both deities bring wealth and new beginnings.


Buying gold and other jewelry on this day signifies prosperity in the household.


Other Rituals On Akshaya Tritiya


  • The day is auspicious to plan any ceremonies like weddings and long journeys.
  • People can start new businesses and make new investments.
  • People also make this day for inauguration, such as Grah Pravesh to a newly built home.
  • People make donations and earn good karma to multiply it by 100 times.
  • Jain devotees complete their penance on this day and end the year-long practice by having sugarcane juice.
  • People perform many spiritual activities such as chanting mantras and meditation. On this day, the senses are heightened, and hence your prayers reach the Universe easily.
  • People also worship Lord Krishna, and they smear sandalwood paste. Such practice is believed to take the devotees to heaven after their lifetime.


History Of Akshaya Tritiya


Many important events happened on this day in history, making it even more significant to celebrate.


  • The starting of the epic Mahabharata happened on this day by Lord Ganesha and Ved Vyasa.
  • This is also the birthday of Lord Parashurama, the sixth avatar of Lord Vishnu.
  • On the same day, Sudama visited his childhood friend Lord Krishna. Krishna, in return, fulfilled his friend with never-ending wealth and prosperity.
  • This is the birthday of Goddess Annapurna, who is the food provider.
  • This is the day Lord Krishna visited the Pandavas during their exile period. Krishna made the bowl into a magical bowl known as “akshaya patra.” This was a bowl full of never-ending foodstuff.
  • The Holy river Ganga descended to Earth on this day upon the request of King Bhagirath.
  • Jain people celebrate this day to remember the birth of their Lord Adinatha.




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