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We often see people dealing with stress and how tempted they look as they drink a glass of wine where they can place their nerves being absolutely not in stress where over the period of time the alcohol consumption level may increase the effects and issues of panic disorders and can also induce anxiety issues. The Rehabilitation Centre in New Delhi states that drinking alcohol could also raise the issues of panic disorder where either it can develop with age or may increase the effects with time. The Addiction Treatment Centre in New Delhi states that many-at-times people usually intake alcohol to release their stress but they don’t see the harm that would happen in the mere long-term. The Addiction Treatment Centre in New Delhi states that people usually preferred alcohol to take their mind off from some things and thus fully concentrate on relaxing their body, but over the years the ‘loosen up’ factor for alcohol is just a myth, where people have literally start becoming addicting to it where they also share the effects of getting anxiety and panic attacks as well.


It is a fact that anti anxiety medications go deep inside the central nervous system and act as mere sedatives and depressants where at times doctors also don’t approve them, thus stating that getting anxiety and panic disorder is not a good sign. Some individuals thus go ahead and then mix these issues with the tolerance of effects where coping up with stress, anxiety and panic disorder is very tough indeed. Individuals who have the issue of drinking alcohol thus also notice many physical and mental health issues where the consumption of such large amounts can also lead towards the path of memory loss which can also lead towards the rise of liver damage, blackouts and brain damage as well. These issues get worse as the occurrence of panic disorder and the creation of anxiety falls into action where coping up with such symptoms is very problematic.


It is thus a fact that the level of alcohol thus goes ahead and alters the level of serotonin and many other neurotransmitters inside the brain which thus goes ahead and worsen the panic disorder symptoms as well. One might feel very anxious or may enter the panic room situation which is very difficult indeed to wear off where using alcohol as a getaway is more dangerous. There are many other signs of alcohol dependence, which are as follows:


  • Drinking regularly for four days and more
  • Everyday morning drink is a must
  • The feeling to put an end after 3-4 drinks
  • Drinking every time at every get together and even at work.


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