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Following an organ transplant, the organs will require time to heal. Alcohol can affect the liver and degrade bone marrow, and this damage can be increased by taking medication that impacts the liver. Avoid drinking alcohol until your doctor confirms that it's safe to drink it.

Don't smoke:




Other tobacco products. Riverside Nephrology Physicians provide the best Peritoneal Dialysis treatment in USA.

Inability to adhere to these guidelines could lead to serious lung diseases, which can also increase the chance of developing secondary cancer. If you're unable to stop smoking, you can contact assistance from the MSK Tobacco Treatment Program or visit the treatment.

Sexual health

Discuss with your physician about starting sexual activity again before leaving the hospital. The couple needs to have answers to their concerns. If you have more questions, you'll have the chance to ask questions when you attend an appointment to follow up.

Protection during sexual activity

When your doctor informs you it is time to be told that the immunity has returned and blood cell count has been restored, you should take the following precautions:

Avoid sex that requires contact or penetration of mucous membranes for as long as blood cell counts are low (platelet counts less than 50 000). This refers to vaginal, oral, and anal sex or introducing vibrators, fingers, or other sex toys into the vagina or the anus.

Use condoms made of latex every time you experience oral, vaginal, or anal sexual contact.

Utilize protection apparatus (condoms and rubber dams) If your partner's vaginal semen or vaginal secretions may get into your mouth.

Do not engage in sexual activities that could cause feces to contact your mouth.

Avoid sexual contact with mucous membranes when the person you are with is suffering from or suspects having a genital ailment.

Holding your partner's hand and hugging them, and gently touching and kissing each other on the cheeks are all ways to keep the intimacy of your relationship during this time.

For more details on how to be sexually active throughout and following treatment, refer to the MSK sources below:

Sex and cancer treatment

Health and sexuality, as well as intimate relationships

The American Cancer Society (ACS) has published material on sexual life after treatment for cancer. These can be downloaded for free at the nearest ACS office or on the society's website by clicking the following links:

Sex and the Man With Cancer

Sex and the Woman With Cancer

Information for women

After your transplant, you'll can:

the frequency of intervals could reduce;

menstrual cycle may end;

Dryness and irritation in the vagina can be noticed.

It is recommended to consult your bone marrow transplant doctor before using the products mentioned below.

Vaginal moisturizers are natural, prescription-only products that ease the dryness in the vagina and discomfort. They are available in most pharmacies or on the internet. Some examples include liquid vitamin E capsules Replens(r), Hyalo GYN(r), and LIQUIBEADS (TM) brand KY(r).

Vaginal lubricants typically come from gels or liquids, and they can be used in addition to the natural lubrication that women have to ease dryness and discomfort during sex. These lubricants can be used for greater comfort and pleasure in sex. Some examples of such agents are Astroglide(r), KY(r) Jelly, and Pjur(r) Women Bodyglide (silicone-based oil). For more information, consult the article Promoting Vulvovaginal Health.

Your treatment could alter the function of your Ovaries. As a result, estrogen levels may drop. Following your transplant, your physician may suggest that you take estrogen supplements.

If you require help or help in these areas, the doctor might recommend the patient to a specialist within the Female Sexual Medicine and Women's Health Program.

Information for males

Following transplantation, some males have a decreased sex drive. This can impact your relationship. But, the increase in strength and growth in activity changes the circumstances.

In addition, some men experience erectile dysfunction (ED) after transplantation. Medicines like sildenafil citrate (Viagra (r) ) or Tadalafil (Cialis (r) ) may be utilized to treat the condition. There are a variety of other treatments for ED. Your physician may recommend you to specialists within the Male Sexual and Reproductive Medicine Program. Riverside Nephrology Physicians provide the best Social Work Services treatment in USA.



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