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All 3 Types of Cricut Vinyl Explained

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 If you are curious about Vinyl, this post is definitely for you. Cricut vinyl is a great way to create removable decals, labels, and more for personalized kitchen containers, gifts, home decor, and many more. And when it comes to Cricut users, they can find its availability in almost every color, right from bright, bold, and beachy, to cater to the needs of nearly every project. Here, we are sharing various types of Cricut vinyl to meet the needs of a particular project.

As a matter of fact, suitable Vinyl yields the best result – creating a good vinyl design. When it is applied correctly, Vinyl can stay attached to a surface for more than three years or 50+ washes. Crafters will love adding this fantastic product to your craft supplies. Thus, it is obvious you should use the correct Vinyl for each new project you are doing. Moreover, below we are going to talk about different types of Vinyl for Cricut. It will increase your knowledge and enable you to use appropriate Vinyl for a certain project.

Let’s first understand what adhesive Vinyl is. There are primarily three types of Vinyl for the Cricut cutting machine: adhesive, heat transfer vinyl, and printable. One thing to note is that each kind of Vinyl has a different purpose, so make sure to make the right choice for your projects.

1.  Adhesive Vinyl

Adhesive Vinyl is a sticky type of Vinyl. You can use it to stick onto mugs, tumblers, glass, cars, and many such things. There are various types of adhesive Vinyl available for multiple types of Cricut vinyl projects.

Adhesive Permanent Vinyl

 Adhesive Permanent Vinyl comes in different types and various colors to use on outdoor projects, hard surfaces, and things. You can use it on a water bottle where crafters don’t want the Vinyl to move.

Removable Adhesive Vinyl

It can be used for indoor projects such as wall decals, glass doors, and other hard surfaces that you wish to be able to remove the Vinyl from some point.

Other adhesive vinyl types include matte, glossy, glitter vinyl, holographic, foil, patterned, and more.

2.  Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat transfer vinyl is not sticky as it gets fused into the fabric using heat so as to bond it to the material. This is also known as Iron-On Vinyl, and Cricut users can use it for onesies, t-shirts, dish towels, blankets, fabric crafts, and more. Please note this Vinyl has its own carrier sheet attached. You just need heat sources such as a Cricut EasyPress or Heat Press. The most common types of heat transfer vinyl are regular iron-on, glitter HTV, holographic, electric, foil, patterned, etc.

3.  Printable Vinyl

This falls into the medium. Using printable Vinyl, you can print a design with the use of your own home inkjet printer and Cricut machine’s features, such as print and cut. Printable Vinyl, again, is of two types: heat transfer and adhesive.

The above information about Cricut Vinyl gives you an idea of what types of Vinyl there are and what you should use for your next craft project. With all these types of Vinyl available, you can get started with your crafts and projects anytime. If you want to know more, make sure to have a quick walkthrough of frequently asked questions given below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Adhesive Vinyl and Iron On Vinyl Stick to?

Adhesive Vinyl is known for sticking to surfaces such as glass, plastic, metal, painted wood, and even paper. In contrast, Iron on Vinyl can be used primarily on fabric such as t-shirts, onesies, raw wood, and other porous surfaces.

Can Cricut Vinyl Be Considered Waterproof?

Cricut premium vinyl includes a film that is water-resistant and UV resistant too. Since it has an adhesive that can last for over three years, it’s considered permanent and ideal for projects like mailboxes, mugs, outdoor signage, and more.

What are Some Materials That Cricut Vinyl Can Go On?

Iron on Vinyl can be used on various base materials like fabric, metal, paper, and wood. If you want to apply iron-on to your project, press it with a heat source such as a household iron or a Cricut Easy Press.

Is Cricut Vinyl Shirt Worthwhile?

Yes, it can be. If Vinyl is applied correctly, it can stay attached to a surface for over three years or 50-plus watches.

How to Stop Cricut Vinyl from Peeling?

The simplest way to stop is to clean your surface. Make sure your areas are clear and free of dirt or bumps. Also, it’s a good idea to remove any dirt or foreign objects on the surface.




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