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All about atmosphere and elevator furnaces

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An atmospheric furnace is a furnace that will draw on the air present inside a home and combine it with the burner’s natural gas for the process of combustion to happen. The air is pulled from a grill on a furnace for combustion.  It is used in a variety of industries as well as laboratory research applications. Heat treatment is conducted in a passive atmosphere.  On the other hand, an elevator furnace is a heat-treating batch furnace which is different from a bell furnace. It consists of a fixed heating bell as well as a charging stand raised to the bell. After the process of heat treatment, the stand will be brought down to the shop-floor level for the unloading of the workpieces.


Atmosphere Furnace


Atmosphere furnaces are a very heavy-duty construction. These furnaces have to be completely factory-tested, modified as well as certified after an extensive quality inspection.   The atmosphere is a crucial factor in the whole process of heat treatment. It will carry the essentials in the process. It can also protect the parts which are being treated in heat and exposed to air and rising temperatures. These furnaces are available in high-temperature ranges and with a variety of process atmospheres.  They can be heated electrically or even fired with the help of oxygen or fuel. The quantity, the parts’ size that has to be joined as well as the investment needed in equipment, are considered in the selection of a furnace. 


Elevator Furnace

Elevator furnaces are available for a variety of temperatures as well as heat dimensions.  It is an elevator that is automatically operated and enables the smooth and efficient loading and unloading of the samples through an up and down movement.  Every elevator furnace will use an insulation package that is energy efficient and consists of graded and ceramic fiber high-temperature insulation. This kind of furnace system is a bottom-loading furnace that has a built-in power supply. The power supply is developed to operate particular grades of the elements in the system.  The components of the power supply like the controllers, the over-temperature alarms, as well as other safety features can be changed or added according to the requirements. The required power is different on the basis of temperature, diameter, as well as the furnace’s heated length. The estimates of the power requirements are provided in the quoting process.



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