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Planning a wedding is an exciting time in a couple's life; however, paying for the event might not be so exciting. As a result of the price tag, some individuals start to make Hochzeitsvideo cuts, and the videographer is often the first to go. When you choose a DIY wedding video, you can still capture all of those special moments without the tremendous price tag.

How It Works

When you choose to use a professional editing service, you have control over many of the elements. Instead of having a videographer come to your wedding, you will be provided with a camera. These cameras are high definition, and they are simple to use, so you do not need to worry about confusing technology on your wedding day. Family members and friends will take footage for you, and then, you will send the footage back. Within a few weeks, they will send you back your wedding video.

The Price Difference

The exact cost for this process is going to depend upon which package you want; however, when you compare the cost of a DIY wedding video to having a videographer come to your wedding for the entire day, you will see that this option is the less expensive one. Generally, when you opt for a local professionals videography package, you will spend at least a couple of thousand dollars. That price is often for the lowest package, so if you want anything fancy, you will just see the cost go even farther up the scale. If your budget allows it than by all means go for the professional. If you are like most people you don't have an extra two to three thousand extra.

Filming What You Want

In most cases, wedding videographers are happy to follow your instructions, but when you choose a DIY wedding video, you have total control. For example, you may want to include scenes from the rehearsal dinner in the wedding video, and if you already have the camera, you can do that. You can start filming as early in the day and as late into the night as you want; you don't have to wait until the videographer arrives and miss out on exciting happenings after he or she leaves. On top of that, no fear exists that the videographer is going to arrive late.

Excellent Quality

Most people know how to use a video camera; the editing part is what causes individuals to shy away from DIY wedding videography for their wedding videos. However, when you have one of our cameras and are sending the wedding videos back to us to be edited, you still get to have that professional touch. In fact, one of your relatives or friends might be quite proficient in using a video Hochzeitsvideo camera, and you can ask him or her to be in charge of filming. Then, not only will the editing come from a professional source, but the actual footage has the opportunity to do so as well.

When you want to have a beautiful wedding and ensure that you capture all of the moments of your special day on film, you do not have to worry about blowing your entire wedding budget to do so.



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