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Having a kennel for your dog is a must, but you need to be careful about its door. The doghouse must have a strong and protective door that lets the pet go out and come in with ease. It must not shut with a thud or open with a force. It must also save the pet from the climate. Also, it must be appropriate for the size of your dog. Indeed, there are several categories of doghouse doors. You can get a Plexidor, a sliding door, a flap door hinged on top, a flap door hinged at one side, and a guillotine door. You need to choose one depending on the weight and size of your dog as well as the safety aspect of the door. 

Types of Kennel Doors

Guillotine style kennel doors

These kennel dog doors can be raised and lowered by a pulley system which can be locked. It is available in different sizes. You can add a cable guard to it to prevent chewing. You can get all the Plexidor Parts And Accessories when you buy it from a pet door online store. The requirement of parts depends on the place of installation and the material you are installing.

Flap doors

This is a cost-effective choice for large as well as small dogs. Mostly, these come with chew-proof acrylic flaps available in different sizes. They are held by sturdy aluminum frames. The flaps may be hinged at the top of one of the sides.

Magnate dog doors

This is a cost-effective kennel door solution. It consists of a frame and a flap that opens and closes with magnetic action. You can get it in various sizes and various magnetic powers. So, you can get it for your big dogs as well as for smaller ones. However, if you have only one kennel and there are bigger dogs as well as puppies, you should go for a low-strength magnet. If you go for a high-strength magnet the puppies may not be able to open the door. The magnets as well as all the Plexidor Parts And Accessories are available online. You just need to make sure that you are buying the right thing for your pet dog.

Replace Plexidor Parts And Accessories Timely

You may need several accessories for your existing dog door. You may need batteries, frames, pet flap doors, guillotine doors, and more. Make sure to replace worn-out parts timely.

Final Word

The kennel dog door or the house dog door is a serious issue. If you don’t install the right one, the pet may not be inclined to go inside the kennel. The wrong one may also injure it. So, make sure to get the right one and get the accessories at the right time.


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