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The Europe pallet is one of the most commonly used wooden pallets available in all sectors. In the industry that is related to the storage and transport of goods, europaletten 1200 x 800 is used and recognized all over the world. It has several advantages.

How did the EUR-EPAL start?

The concept came in the 1940s when the pallets were majorly used as storage and transportation tool. Since then, there have been significant development and sophistication in the field of pallets, forklifts, and more. Now, pallets have become an indispensable tool that ensures efficient storagThe birth of the pallet along with other innovative storage solutions, led to solving of the storage solutions. It became the standardization of the time. To optimize the space while transporting the goods in the vehicles such as truck, train, boat, etc., there was immense use and implementation of standardized containers. The started using pallets to transport a variety of goods. It helped them make the loading and unloading of the cargo easy. The wooden pallets were found much more efficient and cost-effective than others.

In Europe, the pallet is standardized and labeled, also called Euro pallet or EUR/EPAL. It has become a standard handling pallet that is being used in most of the logistics industries not only in the European territory but across the world.


There are many dimensions of Europe pallets such as:

800mm width by 1200mm length which can be referred to as 800*1200 or europaletten 1200 x 800

1000mm wide by 1200mm long which can be referred to as 1000*1200

Europaletten 1200 x 800 are made as per the precise specifications. Due to the efficient design and size, easy extraction can be achieved.

These gebrauchte paletten pallets can handle heavy loads of goods. These EUR-EPAL pallets are available in many sectors and fields and are specially used for the transport of heavy goods. The compatibility of pallets directly impacts the products, packing, boxes, containers, etc. The center of gravity and the weight can throw light on the possible stacking. The aim is to make it as efficient as possible.


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