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All about pallet pooling

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As you know, the word pooling means to share. The same things have been used to benefit the circular economy in the form of pallet pooling. It means that you don't have to buy or exchange pallets but just rent them. The same can be outsourced to full pallet management.

Pallets have become a service also just like it is a commodity. This has made it an efficient and sustainable alternative to traditional pallet exchange. Pallets can be shared and reused within a network of people who can be the producers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. The same can be done at various receiving locations, transporters, and LSPs.

Here is what you need to know more about pallet pooling.

What is pallet pooling?

As the name says, the pallet pooling is a share and reuse model which offers a great alternative to customary pallet exchange. You can share and reuse the pallets within your network.

Advantages of pallet pooling

Buying a new pallet every time for handling a variety of loads is not sustainable and environmentally friendly. Though they are inexpensive stringer pallets can break and lose their pieces. It sometimes shed nails which have often damaged the product and equipment inside and also injured the staff. Due to such problems with stringer pallets, the stores demand their partners to ship products that are stored in sturdier pallets. even if it is heavier and more expensive. Due to the options of reuse and durability, the pallets can be returned to the production centers. The same can be repaired and cleaned to be reused.

Pallet pooling allows easy pallet management. The benefits of pallet pooling are simple logistics, the use of a reusable platform, and cost-saving.

The pooled pallets have consistent dimensions, top coverage, and no nails and splinters which eliminates the chances of product damage and staff injury.

These pallets also weigh less and can be easily moved by a single employee. Chemical pallets or CP pallets are also available in the pool.

The pallets from the pallet pool are lighter and due to the reduced weight, it allows more products to ship.


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