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PG – Paying Guest is used to mention the person who stays on other's property (mainly a house), by paying a certain amount of rent. Those people who are renting the property can utilize all the facilities available there based on their needs.

Patel Nagar in Gurgaon is a place with around 200 multinational companies and around 106 colleges. Many people move to Patel Nagar to stay to study, work, and for many other purposes. The best pg in patel nagar gurgaon make it easy for them to stay there by paying only a reasonable amount.

PG accommodation

Paying Guest is a person who stays on someone else’s property for some temporary needs. In most cases, the reason for their stay will be job-related needs. The person staying on the property is allowed to use the facilities available on that property (mainly a house). Nowadays many people are opting for PG accommodations for different purposes; thus, its popularity and need have risen a lot. Currently, there are many PGs in Gurgaon, which offers all the necessary facilities that an individual needs.

Types of PG Accommodations

Mainly PG accommodation can be classified into three shared PG accommodation, single occupancy PG, and PG for family. This classification is based on the number of people who can accommodate the PG and the services offered by it.

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• Shared-PG accommodation
Shared-PG is those houses or properties which are shared by two more persons. Shared-PG in Patel Nagar Gurgaon mainly offers twin sharing and triple sharing at an affordable price.

Pros and cons of shared PG accommodation
o Easy way to save money
By using shared PG accommodations people can save a lot of money. They can divide the rent amount equally and reduce the individual charges. It is more beneficiary to college students, as they will be able to afford it cheaply.

o Socialization
Shared PGs are good for students in socialization, as they can stay together. It will be helpful for them in their studies, and for many other purposes.

o Girls PG
Girls PG in Patel Nagar Gurgaon can provide more security for girls and many other benefits.

o Shared facilities
Some shared facilities will have shared bathrooms, which will be used by all the members of the rented property. It can be a problem for some people and will make them feel uncomfortable. Every other facility will also be shared, and it can create some problems.

o As the people are staying nearby, problems can arise because of certain activities. Some people who like music will play it in high sounds, while it can cause irritation or disturbance to the others.
o Some problems can also be caused by pet animals owned by the renters.

• Single Occupancy PG
Single occupancy PG accommodation can only be accompanied by one person. All the facilities available in the rented property can only be used by them

Pros and Cons of Single occupancy PG
o There is no need to share any available facilities, and you can use them all alone yourself.
o By choosing a single occupancy PG, people can have their own private space.

o The cost of single occupancy PG will be costlier than shared PG’s. Since there is only one occupant, he or she will have to pay the whole rent alone.

• PG for family
Some people move to other places along with their families. For them, PG for a family is necessary, where their family can have a private space only allocated for them. In this case, a whole house is allocated for a family with all the required facilities.

Pros and Cons of choosing a PG for family

o There is no need to worry about problems created by other people like in a shared PG.
o A family can have their own free space where they can enjoy themselves.
o Provides a healthy environment, as it is just like a home for the families.
o Allows you to accommodate a pet.

o Cost can be a major problem for such PGs, but along with the family, it can be easily managed.


The need for PG accommodations has increased a lot these days, since, many people are moving to different places for work, study, etc. Patel Nagar in Gurgaon has many PG accommodation, which is easily affordable. This article provides some details about different types of PGs along with their advantages and disadvantages.

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