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Every year MCA is at the forefront of innovation in technology. Mitsubishi golf shafts in the TENSEI, MMT, Diamana, and Bassara lines have consistently upped the ante for golfers looking for greater forgiveness, energy transfer, and control of shot dispersion.

And Mitsubishi has done it again. Brand new Mitsubishi VANQUISH shafts promise to offer lightweight technology, maximum acceleration, and faster speeds off the tee.

Here’s what you need to know.

Mitsubishi VANQUISH Shafts: Technology
Mitsubishi VANQUISH shafts are super-premium, super-lightweight golf shafts designed to improve acceleration and maximize clubhead speed.

They do this by capitalizing on 6 core technological innovations:

● New Amorphous Wire Technology: Mitsubishi VANQUISH shafts utilize amorphous wire in the butt section of the shaft. This amorphous wire, which has excellent properties of elasticity, increases the shaft's activity in the handle section to maximize clubhead acceleration and speed.

● Super Low Resin Content Prepreg: One of the keys to lightening the weight of these shafts comes from using super low resin content prepreg, which contains as little as 20% resin content. This lightens the shafts substantially without adversely impacting strength, elasticity, or durability.

● Proprietary Prepreg Materials: Proprietary 46 and 40-ton prepreg materials are used in the full length of these shafts, improving strength and elasticity while minimizing torque.

● Uniquely Fortified Tip Section: Mitsubishi Chemical engineers have optimized the angle of the material in the tip section, resulting in increased stability at the tip of the shaft. This improves stability not only through the swing but at the point of impact, for both greater energy transfer and forgiveness.

● Consistent Feel Design: By maximizing the variance in butt OD, weight, and balance point, MCA engineers have created shafts that offer optimal feedback and sensitivity, regardless of shaft weight or flex rating. This makes fitting easier, too.

● Precision Crafted Design: Mitsubishi VANQUISH shafts feature some of the tightest in-class tolerances in the entire industry, with +/- 1 gram in weight variance and +/- 1 CPM frequency variance.

MCA VANQUISH Specifications
Mitsubishi VANQUISH shafts are 46” in length and are available in two basic configurations: the VANQUISH 4 and the VANQUISH 5.

The VANQUISH 4 is available in 6 stiffness ratings, from R2 to TX, and weighs between 47 and 55 grams. Torque ratings vary between 5.4 and 5.2.

The VANQUISH 5 is also available in the same 6 stiffness ratings as the VANQUISH 4, but is a little heavier and stiffer. Weight varies between 53 and 60 grams, and torque between 4.2 and 4.0.

Both of these shafts are exceptionally lightweight, as you can see from their weight ratings.

What This Means for Golfers
All in all, the Mitsubishi VANQUISH line offers exceptional lightweight performance. Together, the 6 core technological tenets covered at length above offer remarkable consistency and the lightweight design of these clubs enables greater acceleration on the downswing as well as greater clubhead speed for maximum range. The tighter tolerances in weight and frequency also help to guarantee more consistent performance.

Where Can You Get Mitsubishi VANQUISH Shafts?
Wondering if lightweight Mitsubishi VANQUISH shafts are for you? You can learn more online at DallasGolf.com or by calling them at 800-955-9550.

A better plan is to visit Dallas Golf Company in their retail shop in Dallas, Texas, where you can get up close and personal with new shafts like these.

You can also work with a professional golf club fitter in their retail shop to determine which shafts are best for your swing speed and tempo. Working with a fitter will help guarantee the fit between the player and equipment and reduce headaches down the line.

For more information about Best Golf Shafts and Callaway Paradym Please visit: Dallas Golf Company Inc.


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