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Vegan Leather, also known as Faux leather, is artificially manufactured using plant waste, recycled plastic, and sustainable materials unlike traditional leather, which is made from the skin of animals. 

Pure leather clothes and footwear are considered classic wardrobe staples. Many amongst us admire leather shoes, jackets, bags, and shoes. However, the majority of the population stands against animal cruelty and violence. They could try vegan leather because of some similar properties. 

 What is Vegan Leather? 

Vegan Leather is manufactured using compounds present in the plastic i.e. PVC and PU. There are other materials through which faux leather is made like pineapple leaves, cork, wine, mushroom, and they are all manufactured with distinct processes. Vegan leather came up as an alternative for the people who love leather as a cruelty-free alternative to real leather. To meet the demands of the fashion industry, artificial leather was invented in a non-cruel way. 

Why does Vegan Leather make itself a wardrobe essential for modern man? 

As faux leather is made from plastic and other waste materials, there is no excess waste. Regular leather goes through extensive chemical processing before producing, which damages the environment and decreases biodegradability. The touch and the feel of vegan leather are similar to pure leather, still, it varies in weight. Vegan leather products are lightweight comparatively and can be comfortable too if worn for a longer period, unlike the original leather which is heavy.  

They are not durable as the originally skinned leather products but can last more than half a decade if maintained. PVC and polyurethane-based leather clothing sales have risen in the previous decade, making it a huge success in the fashion industry. These products are wildly used by fashion enthusiasts as they give a style similar to pure leather.  

Buying a leather product has always been expensive. However, vegan leather products are pocket-friendly and available half the price of original leather. Therefore, spending your savings on them can be worth it. They are stylish, classy, and adds a spark to your attire whenever you go out. There are a plethora of varieties, colors, and textures for you to choose for the perfect accessory for your next outfit.  

You can undoubtedly find vegan leather goods in the market for an affordable price. We, at The ShoeMaker, offer a variety of handcrafted vegan leather shoes that elevates your look. 


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