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A solid makeup routine isn’t complete without a great eyeshadow, wouldn’t you agree? And not just any old eyeshadow—but a lovely cream eyeshadow that brings next-level gorgeousness. The great thing about cream eyeshadow is that you get maximum payoff in every possible way. Here’s what that means for you:

1. Effortless Application and Blending

Your first few criteria for eyeshadow should be easy application and blending. When you reach for your eyeshadow, you want it to be contained in an easy-to-use vessel for swipe-and-go application. A high-quality cream eyeshadow stick with a built-in brush is an excellent example of an effortless product. The cream-to-powder formula should go on smoothly, spread evenly across the lid, and blend nicely. You may even use a fingertip to blend around the edges, so a separate brush isn’t necessary.

2. No Primer Needed

For go-getters who value their time, it helps to have eye makeup that doesn’t require you to prime your lids first. The best brands take the extra steps to make efficient makeup products that help you save time without sacrificing quality. Whether it’s a cream eyeshadow stick or liquid winged eyeliner stamp to create cat eyes, you shouldn’t have to prime your lids first for perfect application. Seek out brands with stunning yet gentle makeup that doesn’t call for silicone primers before application.

3. Silicone-Free and Non-Toxic

Silicone is pervasive in skincare and makeup because it helps improve a product’s texture and smooths the skin’s surface. The slippery feel of it makes the application of products easy. But it doesn’t contain any skin-specific benefits, like antioxidant protection, because it doesn’t contain active properties. Also, silicone doesn’t need to be in cream eyeshadow for it to glide on perfectly smooth.

You can find many non-silicone products on the market, including cream eyeshadows and eyeliner stamps that glide on like a dream. Many modern brands with gorgeous makeup offer products that are also cruelty-free, non-toxic, and vegan. If you’re not on board with silicone or potentially harsh chemicals in your makeup, it’s best to avoid them altogether. Nice makeup is free of ingredients like silicone, talc, alcohol, and fragrance.

4. Stay-Put, Opaque Color and Year-Round Hues

Color payoff is an important part of your makeup purchases. High-quality eyeshadows and other cosmetics should be highly pigmented (opaque). You also want your eyeshadows to last all day after application and not fade or run. Your stay-put eyeshadow should be richly pigmented without creasing on your lids or transferring to your clothing. It’s also great to have versatile shades for year-round wear. Consider creamy hues like a shimmery, light rose gold with a silky finish or a warm, sparkly golden brown.

5. Versatile and Buildable

Who doesn’t love a versatile, blendable, and buildable makeup product? Eyeshadow is no exception. The last thing you desire is a chunky, chalky, low-pigmented product that doesn’t blend well. Some of the best cream eyeshadows have the perfect consistency for use as a highlighter, for example. Great cream eyeshadows are layerable, which means you can start with a light shimmer or build up to a more pigmented finish for more pop.

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