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A child custody order can award you legal custody of your child, physical custody, or both. In most cases, it is beneficial to work out custody arrangements between the parents in advance and then have the court affirm the arrangements. Custody orders are the legal affirmation of your agreement. If at all possible – you should try to work out your custody arrangements together rather than have the family court decide them for you.

If your personal situation makes it unlikely that you will be able to reach an agreement – you will need to pursue your legal options. You can file for custody with your local family law court and attempt court-mandated mediation. If your case can't be mediated, it will go to trial. In cases of abuse or addiction, a court case will likely be the only way you will reach an agreement. It is vital & essential that you seek a child custody attorney's advice if you are going to court for child custody.

Your child custody order lays out your custody arrangement details and ensures your legal rights are protected. You may receive legal custody (the right to make decisions about your child's upbringing), physical custody (the child will live with you), or both. If either party violates the child custody order, they can be held in contempt of court.

If you need to change/modify your custody order, you will need to return to court. State laws vary, so if you need to file for a change of custody, you should contact your local family court to determine the procedure. If you already have a child custody attorney, he or she should be able to file this paperwork for you. If both parties agree to the changes/modifications, the orders are relatively easy to change; If the parents do not agree, this can be a long process.

Custody orders are awarded based on the best interests of the child or children in question. The best way to receive the child custody order you want is to demonstrate that your children will be happy, safe, and healthy if placed in your care.

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