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Are you thinking of starting a survival garden? There are many reasons you should. A thriving veggie garden is a great hobby to work on in your spare time. Plus, having a survival garden makes you more self-reliant. It’s a great source of delicious food you don’t have to buy. Best of all, it can be a lifesaver in an emergency. Because of those benefits, survival gardening is a popular emergency preparedness strategy. That’s why finding quality survival equipment is crucial for gardeners. Here are 6 examples to look for.

A Collection of Garden Seeds

The first thing you need for any garden is the right seeds. Look for a company that offers a collection of various garden seeds. Your best bet is to search for a collection made of close to 10,000 heirloom produce seeds. Those non-GMO seeds can grow thousands of pounds of produce for you. What’s better than more self-reliance? Self-reliance with crisp, juicy, delicious produce from your own garden.

Solar Bug Zapper Lantern

Nobody likes pesky insects, especially around your survival garden. Not only are they a bother, but they can also be dangerous. Biting bugs like mosquitos and ticks can carry dangerous diseases. A solar “bug zapper” lantern attracts and zaps those pesky bugs. That makes for a safer, more comfortable gardening experience. Plus, it does so without any chemicals or pesticides.

Gardening Tool Storage Set

Good quality survival gear can help you stay prepared in an emergency. For gardening, that means keeping all the tools you need in one place. Easy access to your tools allows you to manage unexpected projects quickly. Find a company that sells reliable survival gear. Then, see if they offer gardening tools you can keep in a secure storage bag. The gear you need should include:

● Trowels and forks

● Clippers and other hand tools

● Quality work gloves

● A spray bottle

● A kneeler pad

A Shovel

A shovel is perfect for gardening and good to have in many other situations. See if you can find a multipurpose shovel that has many uses for outdoor survival. Search for an option made of strong, high-carbon steel. The right shovel might even have a serrated edge. Bonus features are a hex wrench, nail puller, and compass. It could even include a mini survival kit in the handle. A versatile option makes for a practical tool for any garden. Plus, it can come in handy during an emergency!

Solar Cell Phone Charger or Generator

Some gardening tools can be for the gardener instead of the garden. It’s nice to have music, a podcast, or an audiobook playing while you garden. A smartphone can make that happen, but it might run out of battery. That’s not a problem with a solar cell phone charger. This tool allows your phone or device to charge while you garden. For even more charging options, pick up a solar generator.

Solar Security Light or Solar Lantern

Sometimes you may need to garden in low light. You may need to harvest your produce after work. Or maybe you want to tend your veggies first thing in the morning. No matter your situation, be sure to pick up a solar lantern or a solar security light for your garden. A solar security light is also helpful for deterring animals that sneak into your garden.

About 4Patriots

You can’t predict when an emergency will happen. 4Patriots is here to help you and your family prepare for the emergency you never see coming. The company was founded by Allen and Erin Baler at their kitchen table in Nashville, Tennessee. Today, 4Patriots employs 190 people. 4Patriots’ wide range of survival supplies can help keep you and your family safe. A solar generator ensures you have power for your critical devices in a blackout. Survival food kits offer tasty survival food to keep you going. 4Patriots products can be trusted to perform when needed. When you join the 4Patriots family today, you won’t get caught off guard tomorrow.

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