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All the Reasons Book Marketing Matters

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Successful authors and publishers today know the value of book marketing. If you self-publish your work and hope to sell books and gain exposure, be sure to take publicity and marketing seriously. It begins with a well-thought-out plan that is a mix of tactics that work together to reach target readers. Part of the need arises from the competitiveness of your competing authors. If they run significant marketing campaigns, their messaging overwhelms you if you skip similar measures. Readership is up in many genres, and book sales (and downloads) are strong, but the competition is always epic.

There is every reason to market your book online and equally good reasons to pursue traditional media coverage. They can work well together, and it's wise to remember that all traditional media coverage ends up online – and you have the implied endorsement from media who cover you. For example, fans and followers are impressed when you post a link on your social media, taking them to an interview or article featuring you. It's also one of the ways to effectively reach new audiences because the media introduces you to their viewers or readers, just as bloggers and podcasters also do.

As the author, whether you can handle your book marketing DIY versus hiring a publicist depends on your time and knowledge of the process. Especially around the time your book launches, it can be a full-time job handling the PR aspects. You must also decide who to contact and what to say about your book – media contact lists and crafting compelling pitches. Seasoned publicists who work in the field daily have a good idea of what the media wants based on experience. Working DIY, you'll be learning those lessons for the first time and make strike out. If you do, it can affect your book sales and performance.

Flipping things around, some authors are after the PR benefits more than book sales. For them, gaining visibility in front of the right audiences can be lucrative as they promote their businesses and win new clients. As you plan your marketing program, be clear about your goals and structure your campaign accordingly. If you've tried to earn PR before and found it challenging, your book can be a way to break through, at least with the media. Authors and their books are considered newsworthy when pitched effectively. Looking at your book marketing campaign as a longer-term career builder is wise.

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