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Nowadays, Among Us has become a leading online multiplayer video game. Despite being almost two years old, Among Us has managed to remain popular in the gaming community. More importantly, in the past few months, Among Us has acquired immense success, thanks to its developer, who has started adding new stuff to keep it fresh. Following this, Among Us has recently received an update that has got a lot of unique content. In this guide, players will find the names of all the Worst rooms in Among Us, where impostors should avoid killing a crewmate.

Every Worst Room in Among Us to Kill a Crewmate

Gamers need to know that the role of the impostor in Among Us is quite intricate to handle because it requires the efficient killing of Crewmates without getting caught. Thus, gamers who are playing their part secretly as an impostor in Among Us should kill the crewmates in more optimal places. Below we have briefed the worst rooms’ names where an impostor should never try to kill a crewmate.

Electrical Room

Gamers need to know that this is one of the worst places for murdering in Among Us because there isn’t any exit available for impostors. More importantly, the lights in this room always remain on, which is one of the significant drawbacks of killing a crewmate in this room. Players also need to know that one of the walls of this room is made up of glass so that anyone standing outside could see everything going on inside. Thus, if an impostor tries to kill a crewmate in Electrical, there is a 100% chance of getting caught.

The Locker Room

Almost every gamer is familiar with the Locker room in Among Us because it is one of the most visited places. More importantly, several impostors must have experienced getting caught in this room because it’s almost inevitable for an impostor to not think of killing a crewmate in this place. Thanks to its shady environment that plays a crucial role in luring the impostors. We suggest every gamer portraying an imposter in Among Us not to commit any crime in this room because there are hidden CCTVs everywhere. While there is a specific way to unveil the clippings of these CCTVs, but still, we recommend gamers not to kill any crewmate so that their identity won’t be revealed.

The Eastern Hallway

The last location is considered the epitome of worst rooms in Among Us because almost every crewmate is familiar with the surveillance facilities that this room offers to them. Every time an impostor tries to kill anyone in this room, he/she will not only get caught, but their crime will also be recorded. Although several veteran gamers have committed murders in this room without getting caught, their greatness is bound to years of experience and various gimmicks. Thus, we advise players to avoid killing any crewmate in the Eastern Hallway in Among Us.


Among Us offers a unique social deduction gaming experience through online multiplayer gameplay. The game is relatively fun, especially when played with friends or family members. Among Us can be played on iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

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