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In no time, Money Heist, a Spanish series, became globally famous on Netflix. This crime drama is as exciting as it can be. Created by Álex Pina, this is a story of eight thieves who lock themselves and the hostages in the Royal Mint of Spain with a criminal mastermind that manipulates the police to carry out his plan.

In case you are a Money Heist fan, you must know these interesting things about your favorite show. We are quite sure that you will feel more connected to the show once you learn these facts.

Money Heist – The popular show

After making its debut on Spanish TV in 2017 with 4.3 million views, its audience dropped rigorously in season 2. Netflix stepped in as a savior and introduced the show in its international catalog, re-cutting its original 15 episodes into 22 shorter ones. With Netflix, Money Heist soon became the top viewed show in six countries, including France, Italy, Chile, Portugal, Brazil, and Argentina. 

La Casa de Papel to Money Heist

 Did you know, Money Heist got its name by Netflix when it was acquired for its international audience?

However, the show made its debut on Spanish network Antena 3 in 2017 as La Casa de Papel, meaning The Paper House.

Tokyo and the Name

For one of the early script meetings, Álex Pina came wearing a T-shirt with Tokyo written on it. 

Interestingly, the character Tokyo’s name was finalized after this, and the other names like Moscow, Berlin, Denver, and others followed in the next 15 minutes.

The Professor

Alvaro’s unique style of adjusting his glasses was iconic. Well, you should be aware, that was the actor’s personal input and not a scripted act.

Also, the show was thought to be narrated by The Professor, but then creators felt “it would be too narcissistic for him to narrate his plan.” So, with the view of giving it a female perspective, they picked Tokyo.

Could you imagine someone else narrating the story? 

The Writing

To our surprise, Money Heist was scripted while it was being shot, unlike other productions that are first written and then shot.  

Because of this, both the crew and cast had no idea what they were supposed to shoot the next day. 

No wonder, the series turned out to be remarkably suspenseful.

Recreated Locations and Real Process

The makers of Money Heist wanted to shoot the series right in the Royal Mint of Spain. However, there were many hurdles to shoot there. So the team eventually decided to use the Spanish National Research Council building as its exterior looks similar to the Mint building.

Symbols and Global Impact

The show highlights three significant components – red jumpsuits, Dalí mask, and “Bella Ciao.” 

Since red color stands for passion, agitation, and alert, the art department picked dark tones to make the color stand out.

Where the Dalí mask became a symbol of political protests in some countries, it was used during robberies in others. 

“Bella Ciao,” meshes with the essence of the show. When Moscow reaches the soil for the first time while drilling the tunnel, him saying “Bella Ciao” symbolizes freedom. 

Celebrity Fans

Money Heist made ardent fans in celebrities like Stephen King and Kylian Mbappé, who were seen flaunting the mask on social media. Additionally, the Brazilian footballer Neymar Jr took his fandom to another level by doing a cameo in Money Heist. He is performing as a monk named Joao in episodes six and eight of the third season.

Most difficult scenes

It can not be easy to play a role in Money Heist. The crew had to shoot difficult scenes in challenging weather.

For instance, when the gang escapes in a ship post their first heist, they are shown to be in the cold North Atlantic. However, in reality, the scene was shot in Phuket amidst 40 degrees temperature. The cast wore winter clothes, making it all the more severe to pull in the heat.

So, yes. It was not at all comfortable shooting a fantastic show. But it must have been fun, just like the show itself that is full of twists and turns.

source: https://walcitybase.com/blog/all-things-interesting-about-money-heist/


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