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All We Need To Know About BTL Marketing

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All We Need To Know About BTL Marketing

BTL marketing is also referred to in the field of below the line marketing. Below the line marketing concentrates on practices in marketing which do not require the use of mass media, and where it is the case that, when the use of an agency for advertising the agency does not charge a fee for commission so the expense appears as “below the line” on the invoice of the agency to the company. If a brand new business or small business decides to promote using a method, they begin using low-cost marketing. Below-the-line methods of marketing are low-cost strategies targeted at the target market and are targeted at contacting the client directly.

Let's take a peek at some below-the-line instruments for marketing.

1.) Internet Promotion

Due to the increasing internet usage and the internet's popularity, it is without no doubt among the top sought-after strategies for marketing currently. Many marketers aren't sure whether or not online marketing should be considered to be a low-hanging fruit. The two forms of internet marketing are:

  1. A) Marketing via social media- Promoting the product or service on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and other. Businesses can make use of Facebook pages to sell services to their clients and to engage with them. The products that are sponsored can be utilized for marketing purposes. Additionally linkedin is a B2B platform, which has numerous headhunters making use of it as a recruitment tool. This is why the use of social media for marketing has become the most commonly utilized method of marketing that is not on the line.
  2. b) Marketing via email- Unlike previously, email marketing doesn't just comprise push marketing. It has evolved to become a blend of pull and push marketing in the last few years. Large corporations and banks offer email promotions to their clients in order to retain them or cross-sell their products. A lot of businesses start by using email marketing to gain access to the database. Marketing via email can also be used to promote things on blogs as well as affiliate websites.

Tools like Google and IOS apps are also employed in online marketing. Internet marketing could also comprise videos that go viral. The amount of possibilities you can accomplish on the internet is always growing and it is an extremely effective and fastest-growing channels to use for advertising and marketing via BTL.

2) Advertising on the streets

Outdoor advertising, another effective instrument of BTL marketing is used in the marketing field for many centuries. Although the past, huge billboards were utilized for outdoor advertising, today large TVs or pixel screens are now being utilized in public spaces such as parks and restaurants. The hoardings can only be seen for highways or in remote areas. The aim of advertising on the streets is to get a bigger portion of the consumer's brain. The consumer begins to think about the advertisement while purchasing something just by looking at the ad at the restaurant on the highway or sitting in a public space, providing the business advertising with outdoor advertisements return on investment as well as brand's credibility. The ROI of advertising in the outdoors is, however is very difficult to determine.

3) Promotional sales

Have you ever noticed how E-commerce businesses have boomed over the past decade because of the term “SALE?” Every other month. If there isn't one, it's by another E-commerce company. All of them are trying to determine which one can make the lowest amount of money.
Why do these companies want to sell their goods at a cheaper cost? Because they'll be capable of selling in large quantities. This is the ideal for every business. In the end sales promotions are an essentially low-cost marketing method. It's not just customers who profit from sales promotion. At the level of distributors additional discounts could be provided to enable the dealer to obtain more quantities and, consequently concentrate on the product to promote it more efficiently. For an agent, there may be a variety of items. The dealer will be forced to choose the only product that offers him the greatest profits.

4.) Pamphlets and brochures and inserts in paper

The range of different kinds of papers that can be used to aid in BTL marketing is huge. It is possible to use business cards as well as flyers, booklets banners, brochures, banners and covers for paper along with any other item that pops into your mind. Kiosks are contrary to what you might think are extremely fashionable today. There are cars that spin advertising on the sides that spin around within a certain area to draw customers. Here are some ideas for various types of below-the-line advertising strategies that continue appear, and each is being refined and applied. If people become indifferent to advertising on screens, many websites started to display advertisements for related content. As people became oblivious to billboards on the streets, ad agencies began airing ads in restaurants on televisions as well as other places.


Marketing that is below the line Like all other forms of marketing, is continuously evolving. Traditional strategies for marketing, such as brochures and pamphlets however are still effective. Online marketing however each day is a new opportunity to introduce new methods to market the product to consumers. Marketers with sufficient funds are likely to opt for Above-the line marketing, in which the return on investment is calculated and at a minimum considered. Marketers with a small budget looking to achieve an impact should consider strategies that fall in those who fall under Below-the-line advertising.


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