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All You Need To Know About Automatic Back Flushing Filters

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Automatic Back Flushing Filters are a component of a complete process filtration system.


These filters efficiently filter freely flowing liquids (low viscosity fluids), such as water, emulsions, fuels, coolants, etc. Moreover, the best feature of these filters is that they self-clean themselves. Thus, they’re named automatic backflushing filters. Here’s the complete detail about them that you need to know.


How Do These Filters Work?


These filters consist of a highly sensitive technology that can determine when the filter element needs to be cleaned. This is identified by measuring the pressure differences at the inflow and outflow. If the pressure difference crosses a particular limit, the backwash filter automatically cleans the filtrate by opening an extra circular flow. Thus, the waste fluid with coarse particles is flushed out via a separate drain. This mechanism has the practical advantage of not disrupting the actual filtering process for cleaning the filter.


Where Are They Used?


Automatic backflushing filters are used in various industries. Some people even look for affordable filtration system rentals service Texas for domestic purposes. These filters are used in most of the cooling systems for filtering water before it enters its pipelines. Examples of industries where these filters are used include:


1. Food and beverage industry

2. Steel making industry

3. Pulp and paper factories

4. Waste water treatment plants

5. Mining technology

7. Power generation plants

8. Marine industry


What Are Their Advantages?


Due to their self-cleaning and efficient filtering property, they’re worth your money. Whether you look for affordable filtration system rentals service Texas, or you buy them for your industry, they’ll offer you the following benefits.


1. Non-stop filtration since they self-clean without disruption of the filtration process.

2. Lower maintenance requirements

3. Efficient and quick separation of coarse particles from water or other liquids

4. Low operating and maintenance costs

5. Efficient and small design

6. Reduced treatment costs because of low backwash volume 

7. No requirements of chemicals for flocculation


Moreover, they provide the following advantages to your systems.

1. Increased durability of the system as contamination is reduced.

2. Enhanced service life of components

3. Increased system productivity

4. Improved quality of the medium being filtered


How Are These Filters Environmental-Friendly?


Automatic backflushing filters are known for being eco-friendly. That’s because they produce lower backwash, eventually reducing the environmental impact. Moreover, people can even use them to filter rainwater. Thus, the rainwater collected at the rooftops can be utilized effectively for washing and cleaning purposes. Therefore, they even help save water. 


The Conclusion


Automatic backflushing filters are an innovation that forms parts of the complete filtration process. As their name indicates, they self-clean themselves by backflushing the filter elements when they automatically sense it’s needed. Because of their fine filtering property, they are used in various industries, including food, paper pulp, and even for domestic purposes. These filters are not only cost-effective and low-maintenance, but they are also environmental-friendly. Besides, they even make your systems last longer with lower contamination. Thus, spending on such technology is pretty worth it.


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