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All you need to know about Automation Tester Roles and Responsibilities

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In the software Testing industry, an Automation Tester is a prerequisite for software testing and maintenance. The job responsibilities of qa automation tester is a big task for the software development that also results in product manifestation in the software market.

The employment ratio for the roles and responsibilities of automation tester is an evergreen employment opportunity, as the software testing industry has the maximum stake in the global market. Along with the boom in the employment market, the requirement of an automation tester has created cut-throat competition increasing the need for the job responsibilities of a QA automation tester.

Let us know if you are fit for the role of automation tester?

As a stepping stone, QA Certification will slide help you slide in the roles and responsibilities of automation tester. Furthermore, JanBask Training provides courses and corporate training for senior automation tester roles and responsibilities. This proceeds our investigation to important verticals of a qa career path. Few questions are listed below?

What is the qa tester responsibilities?
What is the qa tester salary and career growth opportunities?
What is the job description for qa automation engineer?
So, you know the money trail, location, future scope of automation test engineer job duties. What’s next?

Are you eligible to fulfill a QA automation tester roles and responsibilities?

As per indeed, the basic and initial criteria to enter in automation testing is qualification and experience in the software processes such as :

Educational qualification of a bachelor degree in the computer field OR software automation testing experience

Experience with JAVA and Selenium

Experience of one or more automation testing platform such as Jenkins is preferred

The programming languages such as Java, Ruby, Javascript, Python helps you ace the opportunity of automation tester job responsibilities.

In QA Career path, what are the certification that may help you execute job responsibilities of qa automation tester?

The certified professional has a high demand in the software testing industry. And when automation testing is the niche, a skilled and trained professional from a performance-oriented training platform like JanBask Training on QA Automation testing Training, you are a cherry on the cake. Few important certifications for a tester are listed below.

STTCC (Software Testing Training Certification Course, by CDAC & CredibleSoft)
ISTQB Foundation Level (CTFL), ISTQB Advanced Level (CTAL), ISTQB Expert Level
CAST (Certified Associate in Software Testing)
CSTE(Certified Software Testing Engineer by quality assurance Institute of USA

For you, the best opportunity in next-gen qa automation testing is JanBaskTraining automated testing training.

Roles and responsibilities of automation tester

As you know, qa automation is one of the crucial and interdependent phases in the software domain, specifically before the product launch in the global market. It is important that, as an automation tester, you know, what is the job description for qa automation engineer. So , once you are into the software testing industry, you know your game and you play it well!

Roles of automation tester

A very important question around the web has been about the prerequisites to become an automation tester and what is the work profile in software testing. If you had been looking for clarity on automation test engineer job duties, we would help you and guide you to your dream target. Let us dig deeper into the job roles and testing segments, further.

The automation tester roles in the industry are of multiple directions and here we are helping you to climb the hierarchy. Here is a list of roles, below 

=> Manual test engineer

=> Software test engineer

=> Automation test engineer

=> Automation test engineer

=> Software development engineer in Test

=> API tester

=> Performance test engineer

=> Database Tester

=> Backend tester

What is QA tester responsibilities?

In automation testing, a very significant component inside automation test engineer job duties is planning and approval of test documents. This is further compiled and combined with many responsible tasks such as

1. Selecting or identifying test cases is an interesting insight into the roles and responsibilities of automation tester. This is conducted with reference to the pre-existing test case documents.
2. Applying and designing, along with test automation document with its strategy
3. Planning and approval of an automation test plan is equally important, as this leads to test correction before the software meets the end client.
4. As per the project structure, it is in the roles and responsibilities of the automation tester to create an automation test plan and receive its approval
5. Also, qa tester has to look at the configuration and participation of Selenium Test environment wrt setup
6. One of the baseline job responsibilities of qa automation tester is to coordinate between the test team and development team in response to solving issues
7. A Qa tester also creates, enhances, debugs, and runs test cases.
8. In testing and software development, a tester broadly focuses on organizing, conducting regression tests and monitoring the defect management handling process.
9. Once you are in the roles and responsibilities of an automation tester, you must have the ability to find solutions for error handling and object identity issues.
10. In senior automation tester roles and responsibilities, you should always be able to interact with client-side workforce and come up with software tracking report and operation status for your client


In the automation testing industry, QA testing training is an important step in your career. Many platforms may help you guide and support in the certification and training phase. JanBask Training will help you solve your skill-based issues and provide you with a corporate-level training module in terms of automation testing and manual testing course. It is highly recommended to reach your qa automation career with an updated and spontaneous mode of testing skills to stay productive. For any further queries in automation testing projects, QA certification, and conceptual assistance about senior automation tester roles and responsibilities, connect with JanBask Training. We help you reach your dream. Join us now.

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