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Online music producers have been using this for many years on various online platforms; Beat production has never been easy. You will require a lot of skills and experience to produce a great beat. Licensing beats also requires some knowledge. Many difficulties and questions begin when the ‘new producers' are involved in licensing. Some artists copy the licenses of other producers. So they are not aware of what they are selling. Although the “licensing” term is not very difficult to understand, some beat licensing options are confusing and need some explanation.

Exclusive or Non-Exclusive?

Beat Licensing of Non-Exclusive

The advantages of a non-exclusive license

The non-exclusive license gives certain rights on a beat that depend on the type selected non-exclusive license. All non-exclusive licenses are preferred for vocals and recording lyrics. You can not claim the rights to this instrumental because the producer owns the copyright owner of the beat. In other words, the producer will have the right to throw off the bit from his discretion, including giving a beat to someone on rent. Let's dive deep into this.


Imagine that you have recorded a rap song on one of our beats. Now can you claim the copyrights to the song? Not quite, Your creativity of the derivative work of a song. You can have the copyrights of the lyrics in the song, but you can not own the copyright to the music because you have purchased it under a non-exclusive license. When you send your song on multiple online platforms, they will ask you about copyright ownership. You must let them know that you have purchased the music with a non-exclusive license; music in song with the producer will have all the copyrights. Moreover, you can attach the license agreement.

Publishing Rights

You will get no publishing rights in a Non-Exclusive license.

Exclusive Beat Licensing

Why choose an exclusive license

Exclusive rights will give you the appropriate rights. You can use your beat without any restrictions with the usage rights. You can sell thousands of copies of your track in every country and any number if you are sure that you will achieve amazing heights in the field of music, the Exclusive Beats for Sale licensing is for you. Beat licensing will not be a problem for you. Because now you have the exclusive rights to beat. If you have acquired exclusive rights to beat, this beat is removed from the sale, and we can no longer sell it.


Producers differently decide the rights of a song. We work individually with every artist. And we control the division of rights. It is our responsibility to produce a quality song product with the artist.

The required complete license terms can be discussed and changed as per the artist's needs.

Work for hired contracts

After the sale, all the rights are transferred in an exclusive license, including copyrights. This is called a work-for-hire contract.

So this is how the beat licensing and copyrighting work. Visit our website for more Exclusive Beats for Sale not only that, but you will also find many options for the best open back headphones under 200.

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