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All You Need to Know About Kashmir in Summers

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The beauty of Kashmir is not any secret. We all have been hearing about the extensive descriptions of it from our friends and family. And as a company that has helped thousands of its travellers to realise their Kashmir dream, we can assure you that all of them, including the overly romanticized Bollywood films, are correct.


But as the famous snowy season in Kashmir has transitioned into a hotter sunny season of summers, you might be concerned whether this is the right season for you to witness Kashmir or you should plan for the next winter season. This Kashmir blog is exactly to tackle this issue and help you decide on your Kashmir trip.


Why Should I go to Kashmir in Summer?


  1. Kashmir in winters get extremely cold due to which the people who are not extremely fond of cold can't enjoy the destination to the fullest. Due to chilling temperatures the body movement naturally becomes limited under the layers and layers of clothes due to which there are chances you might not be able to explore Kashmir with all the energy and enthusiasm. For people like these, summer is the perfect season to give Kashmir another shot!


  1. Kashmir in summer offers a different picturesque beauty with blooming flowers and its flowing rivers. The destination of Gulmarg becomes a colourful valley of flowers which in winters is hidden under a layer of snow, dry plants and no greenery. To witness this totally different scenery of Kashmir from the usual one you see everywhere.


What Can I Do in Kashmir in Summers?


  1. Gondola Ride


If you've booked your Kashmir tour package and plan on exploring Kashmir this summer season, you can't miss out on riding on a Gondola in Gulmarg.  The Gondola is the world's largest cable car ride and you just have to try it if you're there. From a height you can experience the magnificent beauty of the valley and absorb each and every scenery in your heart as well as your camera.


  1. Aesthetic Houseboats


Be it summer or winter, Houseboats in Dal Lake are something you'll find anytime and everywhere. In winter while the warm Houseboats provide you a cosy stay, in the summers you can enjoy the refreshing water of the Lake as well.


  1. Blooming Greenery


Summer is the season to find the soothing greenery and blooming flowers in the valley of Kashmir. Well who doesn't like greenery and thus it is one of the reasons you just have to experience it in the summer season.


Apart from the mentioned points the food and culture is always one of the main reasons to visit Kashmir. It is a paradise for the food lovers, as only here you will be able to find authentic Kashmiri cuisine. So keep in mind all these things and plan your Kashmir trip as soon as you can.


So if you're searching for a Kashmir package, keep in mind all these things and go ahead with the one that consists of all these points. Afterall the mesmerizing beauty of Kashmir isn't something you get to experience every other day.


Good Luck!  




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