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A good quality education provides better scope for career development. That's why students want to choose an institute where they get better exposure, quality education, and opportunities to develop. Most Canadian institutes fulfill all these features. As a result, every year, thousands of students choose to be admitted to Canadian educational institutes. OUAC is one of the platforms which students can use to apply to universities and colleges in Ontario. It is a centralized system where several colleges and universities conduct their admission process. Therefore, if you are also willing to be admitted to Ontario, OUAC is one of the most relevant platforms. Here, we share a complete OUAC guidance you should know for admission to an excellent Ontario-based university.

What is OUAC?

OUAC stands for Ontario Universities Application Center. It is an organization based on a non-profit arrangement that helps students get admission into Ontario universities. OUAC should be your go-getter platform help if you want to study in Ontario. Students from within the nation and from global countries fill out their forms on the website of OUAC Canada. Then, the organization further sends this application to universities. This works as a bridge between the student and the university. In addition, it is beneficial for international students who lack proper information about the education system of the new country.

The organization provides two types of application forms which are known as Undergrad [101] and Undergrad [105].

  • The first form, Undergrad [101], is for students at the secondary education level. If a student is studying in any high school in Ontario, they can also use this form to fill out the application. However, that student must be pursuing their education at the secondary level in full-time mode. This application form is suitable for students enrolled in any high school day program in the country. The student also needs to apply for a first-year undergraduate program.

Moreover, they can also be a part of any diploma course to fulfill the criteria. Therefore, any student with six 4U/M courses in Ontario Secondary School Diploma can establish their application through this form. This OUAC guidance will help you understand which form you should apply to maximize your chances of admission.

  • The second form is for students still in secondary level education; however, they are pursuing it in another province of Canada. It is also for international students in different provinces of Canada and not in Ontario. For international students, the second form, Undergrad [105], is the most suitable choice. However, sometimes the requirements can differ exceptionally, so always check the university website to ensure before applying. This is specifically for the students residing outside Canada, but they are, in reality, permanent citizens of Canada.

Students not enrolled in any Ontario high school day program can also use this form for application. This application form is also open to international students. However, they need to have a student permit and should be residing in Canada during the time of application.

Application process of OUAC

The process of applying through OUAC is straightforward. You can easily apply without going through any issue of multiple application forms from different universities or researching for data. The centralized platform allows you to enroll your application form for all the interested universities. Moreover, you get the admission process easily accessible at your fingertips with the help of OUAC Canada. You can easily choose your application form and fill it out by selecting the university. At last, you need to submit your documents, and voila, you are done.

That's why it is a good platform. However, using it sometimes can also be tricky because of several guidelines and formalities. The paperwork might seem a bit overstretched, which can confuse you. However, remember that the slightest error in your application can result in rejection. That's why you need to be careful while filling it out. Here, we are providing complete OUAC guidance for applying.

  • Start by opening the website of OUAC Canada. There you will see an option for registration. It is the very first step to starting your application process. Begin by filling out all your information in the given format. This information will be used for referring your application form later. You will mainly need your email address for the process. This step will also save your data on the site for future reference.
  • Now you need to search for the universities you are interested in applying to. Save them and their OUAC code, which will be required for application.
  • Read the requirements of each university and prepare your application carefully. Moreover, don't submit similar applications to every university. Then, as per their requirements, modify your application by adding the most relevant information per the universities' expectations.
  • Once you complete filling out and researching, could you send it to the universities? Make sure to check your application once before sending it. At the submit step, you will get the notification for payment; complete it for further processing.
  • You will now receive an OUAC reference number as per their database. So make sure that you keep this number safe and handy. This will be required to operate your account further. Moreover, this will help you in getting an update on your application.
  • Once you have applied, you can check the details you gave after logging in. You can also make changes if you see some error in the information you provided. If you are selected, you will receive a notification directly from the university.


OUAC Canada is one of the most reputed platforms to apply to Canadian universities. It offers you complete support and provides an easy application process. You need to submit a single application, and you can apply to different universities of your liking. Select your application form prudently to enhance your chances of approval. You need to register first on the website, and then you can begin your search. Make sure to check your application correctly before submitting it.


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