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Dubai is a paradise for car enthusiasts, and people tend to rent a car, especially in Dubai. In this article, we have explained all about the car rental process in Dubai. If you want to know more in-depth, keep reading the guide.

Essentials you should while renting a car

Before car rental, you should know a few points for a satisfactory car rental process.

International driving permit

It is necessary to have a valid driving license to rent a car in Dubai. However, visitors from GCC countries can get a car with their local driving. And if you are the one who belongs to these nations, you can apply for international driving permits. Also, car rental companies will not issue any car without these documents.

Age factor is significant

You should be 21 years old to hire a car in Dubai. And if you are more likely to rent exotic cars, you should complete 25 years. The main reason is it requires a kind of authority who can handle these luxurious cars.

A credit card is compulsory

Most luxury car rentals in Dubai will demand credit cards to make payments. It is because they can charge fines or fees, if any.


As per Dubai law, car rental companies include third-party insurance cover. Also, they can charge an extra fee for insurance to prevent any damage to the car.

Traveling outside the UAE is prohibited

You can not take the rented car out of the UAE boundaries. However, it is possible to travel long distances. In short, you can plan your trip from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

Process of renting a car in Dubai

  • Search for a suitable car rental company to get the best and in-budget deals.
  • You can surf the internet or get a recommendation from your friends to pick a car rental company.
  • Also, check online reviews of the rental to know more about it.
  • Tell your requirements, such as seating capacity, the brand of the company, and budget.
  • Read terms and conditions, car-related documents, and insurance papers well. Also, if you don't find any clause appropriate, you can discuss it with them.
  • Make the payments and get your car to your doorstep.

Precautions to take while hiring a car


Don't forget to check in and out to avoid any damage whenever you get the car. You can also take some pics at different angles.

Handle the car with care

Once you get your car, make sure you are driving safely and with extra care because your little awareness will help you avoid additional charges for damage.

Click the photos of the car

Don't forget to click high-quality pictures of the car in and out to avoid charges for the damage you have not caused.

Check the fuel quantity

Every car rental company has a full tank of fuel. However, you should check once whether it is full or not.

Ask for the skilled driver

If you do not feel like driving a car in Dubai due to any problem, you can ask for a driver from the rental company; however, they will charge more.

Driving rules in Dubai

  • Always drive on the right lane of the road. If you don't have practice, make sure to prepare yourself for that.
  • Do not cross the driving limit beyond 60 km/hr in the urban area.
  • Drunk and driving is a strictly prohibited and punishable act.
  • Dubai has high-quality cameras, and you should be aware of that to avoid any punishable activity in public.
  • You will have to pay tolls on certain roads in Dubai, so make sure to avoid the road or be ready to pay them.

Bottom line

Renting a car in Dubai is a straightforward process, and anyone, irrespective of the country and nationality, can hire the desired car. We hope the above points will benefit you while renting a car in Dubai.



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