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The world is rapidly moving towards digitalization. Almost all the things previously done on paper can now be found on our mobile or laptop screens. While digitalization might be more convenient in the short term, increased screen time has consequences, especially if it’s frequent.


This is because screens emit an artificial blue light. Blue light has several side effects and can cause health problems for us. However, since screens have become such an integral part of our lives, medical science has found a way to protect our eyes from this blue light by introducing blue light filters.


Let’s look at what blue light filters are, how they work, and some of their benefits.

Blue Light Filters and How they Work

Blue light filters, also called anti-blue light protectors, are a type of screen that fits over your laptop’s or phone’s screen. They block the harmful blue light rays and reduce your exposure to them significantly. Moreover, these screens reduce the glare on the screen as well. Blue light filters also improve your screen’s contrast, making it easier for your eyes to focus and see.


Benefits of Using Blue Light Filters

There are a lot of benefits of using blue light filters.

Reduce Eye Strain

Blue light is a form of electromagnetic radiation falling in the visibility spectrum. Overexposure to blue light causes eye strain, which can further lead to headaches or even damaged eyesight if not dealt with properly. According to research, using the blue light filter helps reduce eye strain and manage headaches effectively.


Eye strain is also linked to good sleep. The less frequently you strain your eyes, the better sleep you’ll be able to get. Research shows using any digital devices just before sleeping can cause sleep disturbances. Ideally, avoid using your phones and laptops for at least an hour before going to bed.


Increase Risk of Eye Diseases

We mentioned how constant exposure to blue light has several negative consequences on our health. One of the major problems blue light can cause is eye diseases. A person's risk of developing eye disease increases if they are consistently exposed to blue light at home or work.


The cornea absorbs roughly 35 percent of the light that reaches it. Hours of exposure to blue light in the cornea can result in corneal sunburn or photokeratitis and lead to temporary vision loss and permanent eyesight damage. Moreover, consistently being exposed to artificial blue light can also increase your chances of developing other eye conditions, like cataracts and macular degeneration, which can lead to permanent blindness.


Using blue light filters to avoid overexposure to blue light and preventing its harmful effects is necessary for every person using digital screens for a prolonged period.

A person using his phone

Improve Sleep Cycle

Blue light has a stimulating effect on our brains. This can disrupt a person’s natural circadian rhythms. Circadian rhythm is the body’s natural clock that tells you when to rest, sleep, and more.


Disrupted circadian rhythms can lead to sleeping disorders if not managed properly, such as insomnia. Experts recommend using blue light filters at all times to avoid overexposure, but it’s very important if you’re using your laptop or phone at night. If there’s any emergency and you absolutely have to use a digital screen before going to sleep, make sure to use a blue light filter and lower the screen’s brightness to avoid straining your eyes and disturbing your sleep.

Reduce Migraines

A migraine is not just a more severe form of headache; it’s a chronic condition. If you experience migraines, blue light can further trigger them or increase their intensity. Experts recommend reducing exposure to blue light by using a blue light filter. This can result in fewer migraines over time.


Make the Usage of Digital Devices Easier

A person can work more comfortably on their laptop and computer screens if they use blue light filters. Their productivity increases, and they perform better at work because they can focus better and more easily while preventine eye strains.

A person using their laptop

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