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Does your business require water quality control? You’re probably in the market, looking to invest in a particle-counting machine. 

There’s one brand regarded worldwide for its automatic particle counters for fluid cleanliness control. PAMAS, a German company, manufactures and distributes these instruments for dedicated water applications. 


Here are things you need to know about water quality control using water particle counters from PAMAS.


What is a particle counting machine for water quality analysis?

Particle counting machines are an essential tool for analysing and measuring water quality. For drinking water, for example, consumers are highly particular about the clarity, smell, and taste of water. 


However, the quality of water cannot be determined by the naked eye alone. It’s impossible to conclude whether water is safe for drinking simply by looking at it. 


Aesthetic or visual appearance is also not enough to tell whether a water source is clean. There could be no visible substances or foul smell, and yet the water may still be unfit for consumption. 


Particle counters are highly valuable in this regard. In water treatment systems, particle counters and turbidimeters are used to assess water quality. 


Turbidimeters measure turbidity, or how cloudy it is due to suspended matter. They determine the collective amount of solid contaminants present. Particle counters, on the other hand, look at the size and quantity of every single particle in the liquid sample. 


Particles pass through a sensor cell during the process. Knowing the size of the particles is essential in identifying the types of bacteria present. Hence, particle counters provide more accurate results than traditional turbidimeters. 


How does the PAMAS water particle counter work?

The PAMAS particle counter for water, or the PAMAS WaterViewer is a fixed machine designed to monitor the water quality. It’s an integrated system ideal for analysing raw water, purified waste water, and potable water, among many others. 


You may connect the WaterViewer to various measuring points. It notifies you if the sample has exceeded the threshold you’ve set. You can connect it to almost any type of measurement system since it can accept and store both analogue and digital signals. 


PAMAS water particle counters can be used in controlling or operating water treatment plants. It can be fully controlled to match user requirements.


Advantages of the PAMAS water particle counter

The PAMAS WaterViewer offers several advantages, including the following:


  • Allows for data storage in internal memory as well as long-term storage using external computers.
  • Analyses particles in up to 8 different size channels at once.
  • Comes with communication ports for easy connection to external computers.
  • Can serve as a programmable logic controller for water treatment systems.
  • Equipped with safety features, so you can leave it unattended for a long period of time.
  • Easy to install, connect, and use.
  • Makes it possible to monitor water conditions online with the help of dedicated software.
  • Software is capable of handling significant amounts of reports and data. 
  • Makes analysis easier with the resorts shown in graphs and tables. 


The PAMAS WaterViewer is a trusted product in the industry for many reasons, a few of which are listed above. To learn more about their range of water particle counter, get in touch directly with a PAMAS representative or visit a local branch office.


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