Many online games are taking the internet by storm, but one such game is WPC16. Even though you wouldn't know about it by its name, you probably remember playing it at some point in your life.

This game is top-rated in the Philippines, where people enjoy getting into traditional games, like the Sobang game. 

Believing it's a fun game, people in the Philippines participate in big numbers to witness this Sobang game between two roosters.

Here, in this article, we will dig in all about WPC16, starting from what WPC16 is to its registration process and more. 

What is WPC16?

WPC stands for World Pitmasters Cup, a famous competition in the Philippines. WPC16 is the website through which people can participate in this competition to enjoy rooster fighting. 

The website is accessible to anyone wanting to join as a viewer or rooster owner to fight in a match. The website has a huge fan following and attracts many people during the tournaments. 

WPC16 has simple rules and a registration process requiring a simple sign-up. After that, you can start watching cockfight videos on WPC16 and make money from your winnings. 

The website provides a very safe and seamless sign-in process to monitor the game records and deal with any advancements in the competition. 

About The WPC16 Website & How To Log In?

Citizens of the Philippines are big fans of this tournament, and they all wait for it the whole year. The WPC16 website is planned very predictably in a structured manner.

The section to log in is visible on the home page, marking the initial step to create your Sabong account and providing access to login to the registered account (if you already have one). 

Here's how you can log in to your account on WPC16:

  1. Go to, and enter your registered account on the portal of WPC16 dashboard login.
  2. Enter all the details required to log in successfully, like name, password, age, and email/mobile number. 
  3. You'll receive a code on your registered mobile number; enter this code on the WPC16 dashboard login to verify your account. 

Once you have the account with WPC16, you can view your schedules of tournaments, past-result records, and integrated social media accounts. The good part is registration on WPC16 is free, and you can win as much as you want. 

How Does WPC16 Work?

Rooster fights have always been the major attraction in the Philippines. It is where two roosters are put up against each other in the field, and as they fight, the stronger one or the alive wins the battle. 

The game is legal and attracts many people in the Philippines; WPC organizes these tournaments on the WPC16 website for players from around the country.

After the players register on this website, they can participate in a tournament and bet on their choice of Rooster who will win. And finally, the winning one wins the amount. 

Even though in most countries, Rooster fighting is illegal and is considered cruel to an animal, people here enjoy this thrilling cockfight game.

The website also provides a wide variety of rooster fighting games where you can select your choice of the game and no. of cocks you want to fight with. 

Advantage Of WPC16

Many may like this game, and many don't; however, it's a great way to pass the time for millions worldwide. Below are some advantages of WPC16.

  • While doing nothing at home, WPC16 gives you the source to entertain yourselves and help you earn the amount while doing nothing. 
  • The website helps you to reduce boredom while increasing your morale boost. It is also a good way to socialize with each other as the game requires a group of people. 
  • Another major benefit of participating in WPC16 tournaments is that it promotes healthy competition among players.

Is WPC Safe And Secure?

WPC is an international entity, and they have all the rights reserved to conduct rooster fights in the Philippines. WPC16 ensures that everybody is getting a fair chance to win.

In any case, when you put some amount on a cockfight and if your cock wins, then you are in profit, and if you lose, only then you are at little loss.

All that is required is you go through all the rules and regulations mentioned while registering on the website to ensure you have all the information. In the end, yes, the website is safe and secure. 


WPC16 is the biggest local platform for rooster fighting games where players from all over the country can participate.

It's the favorite source for players providing a huge rush and excitement to players seeing the cocks fighting against each other.

The website is straightforward to operate, requires only a few steps to complete the registration process. 

All you need to do is have an email ready and fill out the registration form, asking for specific details like name, phone number, job title, and income source.

As you have registered, you can enjoy multiple rooster game options and get the winning amount. 


How to recover an account in WPC16?

The first thing to keep in mind is that you should have your verified phone number while trying to recover your account. Sometimes the website might also show “On hold Account” this means your account has been blocked, banned, deactivated, or excluded from WPC16.

How to recover the password in WPC16?

Please take note that only accounts with verified mobile numbers or email addresses are able to reset passwords. You can reset password via mobile phone or reset password via email with the help of password recovery code.

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