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Hemp is one of the most adaptable natural fibres on the planet, yet it isn't widely used as an apparel. While hemp offers several health and environmental benefits, certain myths keep people from embracing this wonderful fabric. Let’s break down these barriers by understanding the advantages so that you can use hemp clothing. Hemp is one of the most lightweight fibres available. This makes hemp ideal for frequent travellers and those seeking comfort and convenience. Its sturdiness is excellent, despite its low weight. The strands of the fabric material are coarser than those of cotton, making it extremely robust. Because of the fiber's resilience, your garments will be able to withstand harsh activities and endure for a long time.

Hemp is a crop that is particularly beneficial to the environment. It doesn't require pesticides or much water, yet each growing cycle renews the soil. Its deep roots help to keep the soil from eroding. Water use is much reduced in comparison to other crops. As a result, switching to hemp clothing and supporting hemp farming is a great way to conserve water. Hemp may be cultivated in almost any kind of soil. It does not diminish the nutrients or other properties of the soil. It helps to restore some of the essential nutrients that have been lost in the past. Hemp is pest-resistant by nature. It also doesn't need fertilisers because the dropping of the leaves provides enough nutrition to the soil.

When it comes to growth, hemp is likewise a fast grower. About 120 days after sowing, it is ready to harvest. Hemp can grow in almost any environment. Hemp thrives in tropical or somewhat cool temperate climates, making the United States a good growing zone. Hemp, as a crop, absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere, helping to reduce CO2 emissions. 

Hemp is a sturdy and long-lasting fabric. It doesn't irritate the skin at all. Hemp pants are extremely light. The fabric efficiently wicks away perspiration and is very easy to colour. It does not just wear out or lose its form after several washes. Furthermore, it grows softer and smoother with each wash.

Hemp fabric breathes well since it is comprised of natural fibres. It's also quick to absorb moisture, making it great for summer wear. When you workout, hemp clothing keeps you cool by allowing air to circulate through the fabric.

Hemp protects your skin by blocking UV rays naturally. The clothing' material surface is densely braided to prevent the sun's rays from entering.

Hemp clothing can take months to biodegrade, but polyester clothing might take hundreds of years to decompose. It is best to use clothing that are naturally biodegradable in this situation. 

Hemp has exceptional antimicrobial properties, allowing it to outlive cotton, polyester, and other textile fibres. Hemp is resistant to bacterial growth and breathes effectively, so it doesn't stink.

Hemp retains dye better than cotton and keeps colours from fading due to its water-absorbent nature. In the heat, hemp's permeable nature aids in keeping you cool. It, like bamboo and wool, can keep you warm in colder conditions.

Hemp clothing has three to four times the strength of cotton clothes. It's one of hemp fabrics' distinguishing features, and it sets it apart from conventional apparel. The clothing's true worth is determined by its durability and strength.

These are some of the most important advantages of hemp clothing. 

There are few good brands of hemp pants and organic pants. One of the popular and quality worthy is Reistor which has incorporated sustainability into every aspect of fashion, from sourcing to selling, in an otherwise traditionally run polluting industry. It represents minimalistic fashion that is timeless and transformative and uses sustainable fabrics like hemp, biodegradable trims and home compostable packaging to make womens organic pants. 



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