Alternatives to meditation to calm the mind

Many of us experience anxiety quite often. Here in USA, anxiety is an especially serious problem. To combat this, one of the most talked-about strategies is meditation, usually mindfulness meditation. However, a lot of people say that they don't like or can't stand still and concentrate to meditate. In those cases, check out 5 other alternative meditation strategies to calm your mind – which you can do now.

1. Breathe

This technique may seem too simple – and yet, it is one of the most effective according to relationship hero review. Breathing is one of the bodily functions that we are able to control. Unlike pressure, our heartbeat or the functioning of our stomach, for example, breathing, despite being involuntary, can be controlled voluntarily.

Exercising this control can bring numerous benefits. By lowering your heart rate and blood pressure, you calm your entire body. Breathing is also very effective in reducing anxiety and stress, in the short and long term.

So, as simple as it may seem, in situations of anxiety, simply taking a deep breath can help – and a lot – in the process of calming down. In addition, incorporating breathing into your daily routine for just 10 minutes can bring long-term benefits and generate a good habit in your life, which makes breathing one of the best alternatives to meditation.

2. Music

Music is present in many moments of our lives. For this very reason, we do not understand the power it has to be a calming element. There are several studies that indicate that music has a powerful effect when it comes to reducing stress, in addition to having positive effects in other aspects.

Therefore, in situations of stress or anxiety, the solution can often simply be to turn on a relaxing song – like the ones in this playlist that we created based on suggestions from our users – and focus on relaxing. If this is done together with a breathing exercise, even better!

3. Walk

Because of work or chores, we often spend the whole day sitting and indoors. This alone can generate a sense of entrapment, claustrophobia and anxiety.

So one of the alternatives to meditation that will decrease your stress and help you connect is to walk. Take a stroll through your neighbourhood, or preferably in a park or wooded location. Walking on the treadmill can be effective, but the point here is not simply exercising: it is to abstract a little from the day-to-day and the closed and oppressive environments.

4. Write

Often, we are immersed in our thoughts and it is difficult to have some kind of distance. Inside our heads, thinking is disorganized and non-linear, which can make problems seem bigger than they really are.

Writing, whether on the computer or on paper, is an excellent way to organize whatever is afflicting you, and also to put those concerns out. Try a writing exercise for ten minutes without removing the pen from the paper. Don't worry about grammar or style – the goal here is to write, and nobody will read what you put on paper.

5. Relaxation

Anxiety and stress cause people to tense the body's muscles. Pain in the back, neck and elsewhere are common when we are not totally well.

A good way to deal with anxiety while addressing the physical issues that come with it is to relax. Start on tiptoe and imagine each part of your body relaxing and letting go. Spend at least 10 seconds in each region and trace your path – feet, calves, knees, thigh – until you reach the top of the head.

After this simple and quick exercise, you are guaranteed to be feeling better and more relaxed or relaxed.

The goal is to relax

Although meditation is one of the most common – and effective – ways to calm down and deal with anxiety, it is not the only one. In addition to these tips that we passed in this article, there are a huge number of actions you can take to reduce anxiety, in the long and short term. Playing sports, socializing, reading, all these can help to calm the mind.

The important thing is to choose an action and commit to it. Cultivating the habit of maintaining mental hygiene and self-care is essential for quality of life and an improvement in your daily life. So choose one of our alternatives to meditation and start practicing now!


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