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Aluminum Honeycomb Panels – An Excellent Choice for Commercial and Institutional Buildings

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Aluminum honeycomb panels are practical when you need a lightweight and robust material for sandwich panels. They are versatile for many applications, including roofs, floors, cladding, ceilings, partitions, facades, doors, and other products that require a sufficient stiffness-to-weight ratio. That makes them ideal in commercial and institutional buildings.

The panels are composed of an aluminum honeycomb core between two layers of aluminum sheets, and this sandwich structure is secured by thermoplastic adhesive films, resulting in a complete composite product. Reputable manufacturers offer various treatments for these products, including powder coating, PE, heat transfer printing, and PVDF to achieve specific aesthetic requirements. Mature production techniques make it possible to craft aluminum honeycomb panels with odd shapes and complex geometries, including 90-degree return, curved, and three-dimensional designs.

What makes them ideal for commercial and institutional buildings?

When manufacturing these panels, the films and layers are hot-pressed under temperatures around 150 degrees Celsius. The products have weather-resistant and elastic qualities, making them suitable for environments with extreme weather conditions and temperatures between -40 and 80 degrees Celsius.

Guaranteed bonding

Reputable manufacturers use thermoplastic adhesive films to laminate an aluminum honeycomb panel. These films are solid at room temperature but melt at 130 degrees Celsius. They are more weather-resistant and elastic than regular epoxy glue, thus, they can move with the substrate when exposed to rapid temperature changes. As such, the likelihood of failure is low. They also enhance production efficiency and make aluminum honeycomb panels capable of withstanding hot summers.

Some manufacturers can modify the formulation of their adhesives for honeycomb composite bonding. This time, they coat the aluminum sheets with a patented epoxy-friendly layer to improve bonding strength. The tensile strength can also go beyond 50 percent, making the panels versatile for interior and exterior applications.

How is it made?

Be sure to work with a reputable manufacturer with special machinery and tooling to fabricate aluminum honeycomb panels in any specification or shape. With their help, you can design and build a custom commercial or institutional building with high-quality materials. They will work closely with you to realize your design and enhance the aesthetics and longevity of your structure.

About the Company

KC Panels is a professional manufacturer of aluminum honeycomb panels and stone honeycomb panels with experience of over 15 years. Our exterior panels are used in landmark projects in the U.S, Canada, and Australia, while our interior panels are widely used in Hong Kong, Macau, etc. We partner with renowned chemical manufacturers for trusted and proven bonding adhesives designated for honeycomb applications.




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