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Whether you’re riding the train, bus, or tram, simply having a ticket in hand is not enough. You need to validate your ticket as soon as you enter a vehicle so that authorities know that you’re not using the same ticket for multiple rides, thus manipulating the system. Although the transportation authorities are not always checking, they do hop on and off at random to do a sweep. If you are caught without a valid ticket, be prepared to be taken lewdle off the bus, asked to sign a document, or pay in cash for the ticket fine. You can request that the ticket be mailed to your home address that is listed on your home country’s documents and avoid paying in person, thus forcing them to have to write you a proper receipt which you sign. Just validate your ticket.

Buying fake designer brands is illegal

Italy is known for its high fashion brands such as Prada, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and the likes. It is tempting to want to bring home an Italian souvenir, especially if you can find a great copy at nearly half price. You will see plenty of foreigners peddling fake designer bags, but in Italy it is illegal. Many merchants carry the bags on their arms, or lay them out on a sheet with a chord around that they can easily pull and run when they police are nearby. It happens all the time. It is such a problem in Florence that the city has undercover police surveying markets and tourist attractions for these illegal merchants. People get away with it most of the time, but better safe than sorry.




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