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Pink Salt 84 The best Himalayan salt shaker to use for regular seasoning and cooking is made of fine plastic. Your kitchen and table settings appear elegant with the Himalayan salt shaker. You can utilise it with ease. The three flip-cap settings on the Himalayan salt shaker have small, medium, and big holes that are ideal for seasoning or cooking food. The plastic Himalayan pink salt shaker is simple to refill. Our salt shaker is sturdy and ideal for regular household usage. It also fits wonderfully in your spice rack. The finest gourmet food grade used by Salt 84 is obtained straight from the Pakistani foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. The nutrients and critical minerals included in pink Himalayan salt are good for our health and wellbeing. The world's purest salt is Himalayan salt. Pink salt is hand-mined, all-natural, and unprocessed. All additives, preservatives, MSG, and other potentially harmful chemicals are absent from Himalayan salt.

pink salt fine

Himalayan Pink Salt Fine Shaker

Use regular table salt or Himalayan fine salt interchangeably. The ideal sea salt substitute is this one. As sodium chloride is bad for your health, sea salt contains a lot of it. Use Himalayan pink salt, which is naturally occurring and contains 84 trace minerals. Simply add it to your food at the dinner table or to sauces and marinades. In the same way that you would use regular salt, pink Himalayan salt can be used when cooking. The seasoning, grilling, baking, and other uses for gourmet crystal salt are numerous. Enjoy each meal with your family and friends while making sure that your daily food is delicious and healthy for your loved ones. As a bath salt, pink salt is also suitable. 

salt 84 pink himalayan salt shaker

Without any additional additives:

The Himalayan Mountains are where Himalayan Pink Salt is extracted. Without any additional additives or anti-caking agents, pink salt is 100 percent pure. Perfect for using straight from the shaker bottle or for refilling salt shakers. The best uses for bath salt are for curing meats and flavouring grilled meats, seafood, ribs, eggs, vegetables, soups, stews, pasta salads, and baking. Additionally, a salt spa can be created using it. A wonderful addition to any kitchen, whether it be in your home, a restaurant, or a cafeteria. Use a fine Himalayan salt shaker as you would a conventional salt shaker. Your food will taste excellent when you season it right away. Any dish will receive the ideal finishing touch. In addition, Himalayan salt works well as a base for spices and flavoured salts that you may create by combining it with herbs, such as salt rubs and brine solutions for meat. Everywhere, the best chefs prefer crystal pink Himalayan salt. Kitchens from homes to restaurants use natural pink salt shakers. Ideally suited to enhancing the flavour and healthfulness of food. Due to its extraordinary health advantages, Himalayan salt has gained widespread recognition. With minerals and trace elements that are crucial to our health and wellbeing, it demineralises the body.

Unlike other salt shakers, this Himalayan salt shaker is unique.

  • Rich in minerals and nutrients
  • 100% Natural Rock Salt
  • With no chemicals
  • Three Flip Cap Positions
  • Refillable Himalayan Salt Shaker
  • Ideal for use on a table or in a kitchen 
  • Ideal for use on a table or in a kitchen

Himalayan salt shaker

Himalayan Pink Salt-Fine Grain

Salt 84 many people consider Himalayan pink salt to be a healthier alternative to regular table salt or sodium chloride. Himalayan pink salt is a type of sea salt even though it is mined like rock salt. Salt 84 since ancient times, Himalayan Pink Salt has been used to season our meals. It is an important component needed for numerous biological processes. Himalayan Rock Crystal salt has become more popular as a substitute for conventional salt due to claims that it is less stressful to the body when consumed. Himalayan salt has a range of colours, from pure white to different tints of pink, which denotes the presence of iron and 84 important trace elements.

Discover fine salt

Hand-mined pink salt discovered naturally deep inside the pristine Himalayan Mountains, our Gourmet extra fine salt is pure and of the highest grade Himalayan salt available. You may create your own herbs using Himalayan Crystal Salt as a basis. Our passion is for quality. You will be pleased with the quality of our items once you have utilised any of them. 100% Natural Pink Salt, Salt 84 is mostly mined in Pakistan in the foothills of the Himalayan highlands. Once ground, you can sprinkle it on food, use it as a salt rub, dissolve it in a solution of brine, or combine it with herbs to give food a distinctive flavour. You may create your own herbs using Himalayan Crystal Salt as a basis.

pink salt

More natural than regular salt:

One of the biggest and oldest salt mines in the world is the Khewra Salt Mine. Hand extraction and little processing of the salt results in an unprocessed, additive-free product that is regarded as being far more natural than table salt. Pink Himalayan salt is mostly sodium chloride, much like table salt.

Enjoy healthy food:

Every cuisine must have Himalayan Pink Salt. It gives all kinds of foods a lovely flavour. Minerals and vitamins found in abundance in Himalayan pink salt can help you treat a variety of illnesses. 100% pure pink Himalayan salt. Perfect Chef Selection Outstanding for your kitchen. Himalayan salt adds flavour to baked goods and is great for flavouring meats, grilled vegetables, and a variety of salads (including pasta, egg, or potato salads), soups, and stews. Mined from the Himalayan Mountains is Himalayan Pink Salt. It has not been processed and has been hand-selected, chiselled, washed, and dried in the sun. Free of chemicals, bleaches, and additions






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