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iPhone photography is at its peak now. For admirers of landscape photography, the iPhone is an amazing gadget to rely upon. But if you are facing issues and don’t know how to capture mesmerizing landscapes with your iPhones then don’t worry, you are not alone. Here are some amazing pro tips to help you take your photography to the next level.


Maintain a Straight Horizon Your Landscape Shots

At times, capturing the horizon can be really hard and might seem unnecessary too. But nothing screams amateur like a slanted horizon in a landscape photograph. So you have to do it the right way. In order to get the perfect shot make sure you always use the grid lines. Tap on settings> Camera> Grid > On. By turning-on the grid, your iPhone will show gridlines on your camera display. The trick is to align your horizon with your gridlines to get it straight. You can also get the horizon line straight of your previously clicked slanted photos. Just follow these steps.

  • Open the desired image.
  • Click on the Edit option.
  • Select Rotate.
  • The gridlines will appear. Move left or right to get the horizon straight.
  • Click on Done.

Use Low Brightness Level to Click Beautiful Landscapes

The amount of light plays a major role in landscape photography and too bright or too dark photos can spoil the image. Bright sunlight should be avoided, especially the one which you find during the bright sunny day at noon. It adds flares to the picture, creates strong shadows, and makes the image overly white and blurry. So the best time to shoot would be right after the sunset or before the sunrise, it imparts the perfect light with tints of gold and adds softness to the image making it perfect and warm.

Add Depth to Your Photographs

The sense of depth adds more value and dynamics to your images. It doesn’t make your image look dull, flat, and boring. Adding depth will let you lead the eye of the viewer through the layers of your photograph making it more intriguing. You could utilize leading lines to add a sense of depth to your images. The best thing for you to do in natural surroundings would be to utilize the natural components of your landscape to form your leading lines. You could use paths, streets, rivers, trees, fences, etc. Adding an object at the front of the frame adds more depth to the picture and makes it look three dimensional.

Addition of Focal Point Is a Must

If you fail to include any focal point in your images, it will look flat and empty. So, people use focal points in their images by adding the presence of human figures in the picture. It adds content to your photograph and also acts as a final finishing touch.

Always Follow the Rule of Thirds in Your Pictures

To build a great composition, one must arrange all the elements used in the picture perfectly.

So how to make your composition look the best and what all elements should be added to it? Here is the answer, follow the rule of thirds. Align your horizon with the uppermost and lowermost grid lines. If you have a folic presence in your foreground, align it with the intersection of the lower grid lines.

Keep your Composition Simple and Minimal

Too many cooks spoil the broth. The same is true when it comes to adding elements to your photograph. As a complex image with too many objects fighting for the viewer’s attention is confusing and makes your image look cluttered. So it is essential to give your object some breathing space by not adding too many elements in a single frame. Negative space can also be used to create a minimalistic effect. A common example of negative space can be the sky. Another hack could be to cut down on colors. Keeping your color palette simple and earthy makes for a soothing image.

Utilize the tips and tricks mentioned above and master the art of clicking landscape photos on your iPhone.

Source :- https://wwwmorton.com/amazing-landscape-photography-tips-for-your-iphone/


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