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Amazon Cars and Spare Parts Offers the Best and Free Junk Car Removal Services

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Are you trying to get rid of your old cars? Do you need affordable and high-quality wrecker spare parts in Sydney? One place has it all for you: Amazon Cars and Spare Parts.

The advantages of choosing Amazon Cars and Spare Parts

  • Hassle-free services

Car removal is one of the easiest ways to eliminate an old or unwanted vehicle. Unlike selling to a private buyer, you don't have to bother advertising the car or scheduling test drives only for the buyer to refuse the deal. All you need to do is call Amazon Cars and Spare Parts, and a team of professional wreckers will go straight to your home and pick up the vehicle.

  • Top-quality wrecker spare parts in Sydney

Owning a car is expensive. Not only do you have to keep up with regular maintenance, but you must also deal with the occasional repair and part replacement. And unfortunately, vehicle components tend to be very expensive. For instance, if you were in an accident and had to replace your airbags, you'll need to spend more than $4000 for a new seat. Meanwhile, a brand-new battery for a hybrid vehicle will cost you more than $6000.

So what can you do to minimise these costs? Your best option would be to buy used spare parts instead of brand-new components.

Not to mention, wreckers tend to have a broader inventory of spare parts. So if you're having trouble finding a specific alternator for your 2005 Toyota Hilux, try asking your local wrecking company for leads.

  • Eco-friendliness

Selling your car to a wrecker and using second-hand spare parts are excellent for the environment. The vehicle wrecking process helps recover tons of scrap metals, preventing manufacturers from destroying habitats due to mining. In addition, professional recyclers are trained to dispose of engine oil, coolant, and brake fluid properly, minimising the risk of pollution and contamination.

And did you know that almost everything in your vehicle can be recycled? Your brake pads, wheels and tyres, floor mats, and seats are still of great use, and refurbishing them helps reduce waste in landfills. Not only does this preserve the environment, but it also allows other car owners to save cash.

  • Reasonable prices

Many sellers turn to the dealership when trying to get rid of their vehicles. These companies are accessible and convenient, often cited as the fastest way to get paid for your car.

But although you can earn cash immediately, it doesn't mean a dealership will pay you enough. For used cars, dealers only pay wholesale prices—barely making you a profit.

Therefore car removal companies are the way to go if you're looking for an equally convenient solution while taking advantage of great prices. Top wreckers in Sydney, like Amazon Cars and Spare Parts, can offer you up to $7000, depending on the condition of your vehicle.

Need a new engine, transmission system, or a set of tyres? Purchase your wrecker spare parts in Sydney from Amazon Cars and Spare Parts! Besides used auto parts, we also offer free car removal, and you can call us at 0412 711 318 to obtain an instant quote and schedule your pick-up.

About The Author

Yasin Azimi is the COO and IT Manager of Amazon Auto Group, the first company in Australia to revolutionise the Cash for Cars industry by offering cryptocurrency payments on unwanted cars. Yasin graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering from the University of Technology Sydney and has worked at Fortune 500 companies like Cognizant and QBE Insurance in Australia during the last three years. Azimi’s valuable IT experience, when combined with his team of experts at Amazon Auto Group, is revolutionising the automotive industry in Sydney for the better.



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