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Amazon Luna is a highly anticipated internet-driven game streaming service, and it is pretty much identical to Google Stadia. It will be a subscription-based service, and you will need to pay a monthly fee to enjoy games on this service. Rather than buying video games one by one or independently, you will be able to access plenty of video games just by paying a tiny fee every month.

The best part of this service is that you will be able to play video games on your tablet, iPad, iPhone, Android phone, Windows computer, Mac, and Fire TV Stick.

You don’t need to buy a powerful gaming console or PC to play your favorite games if you subscribe to Luna.

How Amazon Luna Works?

 Just like Google Stadia, Amazon Luna enables users to play games on any device without going through the lengthy download and installation processes. The games are actually installed on Amazon’s cloud servers, and your device streams those games using the internet.

 You actually play games on Amazon’s computer remotely using the Amazon Luna service. You control the video games on their computer and see the real-time gameplay image on your device’s screen.

Therefore, you don’t need a powerful processor, gigantic RAM or SSD on your computer to play games with Amazon Luna. That’s how this game streaming service works. Let’s see the expected release date of this exciting platform.

Estimated Launch Date for Amazon Luna

Amazon is currently allowing its users early access to the service. You can use the Amazon Luna Beta right now on your device.

The Amazon Luna Beta is gradually rolling out to the users worldwide. Amazon has begun inviting random users to try its upcoming game streaming service. Amazon started rolling out the beta version to the public on October 19.

Despite the fact that the beta version is currently available for early access, we don’t have the official reports regarding the release date. Amazon hasn’t revealed information regarding when the service will officially launch yet. 

According to the rumors, it might launch somewhere in 2021.

If you want to use the Amazon Luna right now, hold tight and stay on this page because we will show you how to access Amazon Luna Beta. We will show you how to get an invitation from Amazon to use its upcoming service.

What About the Pricing?

Amazon Luna, the exciting game streaming service, might cost 5.99 USD every month. You will need to pay 5.99 USD every month separately to use Amazon Luna, excluding your Prime subscription fee. However, you only need to subscribe to Amazon Luna to play games, and you won’t have to purchase a console or a gaming PC.

 You will be able to stream games directly to your smartphone, laptop, tablet, iPad, iPhone, and other devices.

 Along with the basic subscription fee, Amazon may charge additional money if you want to subscribe to specific video games that are not included in the basic package of their service. According to Amazon, they have tied up with Ubisoft gaming company to provide better video games to the users. If you want to access the Ubisoft games, you may have to pay an additional fee every month.

According to several other reports, we might see a few different game distribution companies on Amazon Luna.

How to Pre-Order Amazon Luna

You cannot pre-order Amazon Luna, but you can get early access to the service. According to the company, the early access to the beta version is only given to the selected batches sooner or later. That’s why you may be invited to join the Beta version soon by Amazon itself in the coming weeks or months. It is possible that it may take a little longer for Amazon to provide the early access in your area.

You can check if the service is available for you by navigating to amazon.com. Along with the gaming service, Amazon has developed a dedicated controller for Amazon Luna. The controller looks elegant and is pretty comfortable. It might be on par with Sony DualShock 4 controller or Xbox One controller.

The people that are able to early access Luna can buy the controller right now for only 49.99 USD. After the official launch, the controller will cost up to 70 USD.

Source : https://gotrustblog.com/amazon-luna-specifications-price-and-all-we-know/


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