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Throughout the day, the troops gathered, and the angels of Lord Asriel's army flew high above the mountains, looking for a breakthrough, but without success. Nothing changed. No more angels flew in or out. The wind tore at the clouds. The clouds renewed themselves endlessly and did not disperse for a second. The sun crossed the cold blue sky and then moved down to the southwest, gilding the clouds and tinting the vapor around the mountains with varying shades of apricot and orange cream and scarlet. As the sun went down, the clouds glowed faintly from inside. Now the warriors of every world to support Lord Asriel's rebellion were in place, mechanics and artisans fueling planes, installing weapons, and calibrating sights and gauges. As night fell, welcome reinforcements arrived: the armored bears of the cold north arrived one by one-in large numbers, and their king was among them. Soon after, the first tribe of witches arrived, and the sound of the air passing through their pine branches lingered in the black sky. Along the plain to the south of the fortress, thousands of lights flashed, indicating the barracks of those who had come from far away,portable gold wash plant, and beyond, at the four corners of the compass, the planes of spy angels were tirelessly cruising and keeping watch. At midnight, in Jentali, Lord Asriel sat with the King of Ogunwe, the Angel Zephania, Lady Oxenschel of Galivespin,tin beneficiation plant, and Tooros? Basiliz was discussing 。 As soon as the alethiometer had finished speaking, Lord Asriel got up and walked across the room to the window, where he looked out at the distant light of the clouds hanging in the western sky. The others were silent. They had just heard something that made Lord Asriel pale and trembling. They didn't know how to deal with it. At last Lord Asriel spoke. “Mr. Basilize,” he said, “you must be very tired. I appreciate your efforts. Please join us for a drink.” “Thank you, my Lord.” The alethiometer expert said. His hands trembled. King Ogunwe poured him a glass of golden Tokaui wine and held it out to him. What will it mean, Lord Asriel? Said Oxenschel in a clear voice. Lord Asriel returned to the table. “Well,” he said, “it means that when we join the battlefield, we will have a new goal. My daughter and this boy have for some reason been separated from their elves and have managed to survive. Their elves are somewhere in this world — correct me if I'm wrong, Mr. Basilius — their elves are in this world. Metatron intends to capture them. If he catches their elves, mineral flotation ,Portable gold trommel, the children will have to follow him. If he can control those two children, the future will always be his. Our mission was clear: we had to find the elves before they did and keep them safe until my daughter and the boy were reunited with them. “What shape are they, these two lost elves?” Said the leader of the Gallifespians. “They're not set yet, ma'am.” Toros? Basiliz said “They could be any shape.”. “So,” said Lord Asriel, “it boils down to this: the future of all of us, of our Republic, of every sentient species — all depends on my daughter's survival, on keeping her and the boy's elves out of the hands of Metatron.” “That's the thing.” Lord Asriel sighed, almost contentedly, as if he had completed a long and complicated calculation and arrived at a very unexpected answer. “Very well,” he said, laying his large hand on the table, “then we shall do so when the battle begins. King Ogunwe, you will command all the troops to protect the fortress. Mrs. Oxenschel, you immediately send your men around to search for my daughter and the boy, and their elves. When you find them, protect them with your lives until they are reunited, and I understand that at that time, the boy can escape to the other world and be out of danger. ” Her ladyship nodded, her straight gray hair shining like stainless steel in the light, and the blue eagle she had inherited from Lord Locke spread his wings quickly on the shelf by the door. “Now, Zephaniah,” said Lord Asriel, “what do you know about this Metatron?”? He was once a man: does he still have the physical strength of a human being? “He came to prominence long after I was exiled,” said the angel. “I never saw him up close, but he cannot rule the kingdom unless he is really strong, strong in every way. While most angels tend to avoid hand-to-hand combat, Metatron tends to fight and win. O'Gunway could see that Lord Asriel had suddenly thought of an idea, his attention was suddenly drawn away, his eyes lost focus for a moment, and then returned to his eyes with special concentration. I see He said, “In the end, Zefania, Mr. Basiliz told us that their bombs not only opened an abyss under the world, but also shattered the structure of things so much that there were gaps and cracks everywhere. Somewhere near there must be a passage to the edge of that abyss. I want you to find it.” “What are you going to do?” Said King Ogunwe sternly. I am going to destroy Metatron, but my role is almost over. It is my daughter who must live. Our task is to keep all the powers of the kingdom away from her so that she can have a chance to enter a safer world-her and the boy, and their elves. “Where is Mrs. Coulter?” Said the king. Lord Asriel touched his forehead with one hand. “I don't want to upset her,gold heap leaching,” he said. “Leave her alone and try to protect her.”. However Maybe I'm being unfair to her. Whatever else she did, she always surprised me. But we all know what we must do and why we must do it: we must protect Laila until she finds her elf and runs away. Perhaps our Republic was founded for the sole purpose of helping her do just that. All right, let's make the best of it. 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com


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