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AMC theatres have refused to play NBCUniversal movies in its theatres in the near future. According to The Hollywood Reporter, AMC has decided after the comments made by the CEO of NBCUniversal Jeff Shell. Jeff Shell said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that the Trolls World Tour has performed and succeeded far ahead than their expectations and has earned almost $100 million only through the digital platform. Jeff told that after receiving a vast revenue, more than five million copies of the Trolls World Tour had been sold. He further said that NBCUniversal is planning to release the movies on other formats also. According to the CEO of NBCUniversal, the company will release the film in digital format along with publishing it to the theatres. Jeff has also told the company is all set to release Trolls World tour on Peacock also which is its streaming service.

Meanwhile, the CEO of AMC theatres Adam Aron has said that the comments made by the NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell, is entirely unacceptable to the AMC theatres. In a lengthy statement, Adam said that the comments made by Jeff are very much disappointing to them and so the theatre chain is left with only the option to stop playing the NBCUniversal movies in the AMC theatres. Adam made it clear that the AMC will not release any of the NBCUniversal movies in their threats all across the Middle East, Europe, and the United States. Adam said that once the theatres reopen after a lockdown in the USA, the decision taken by them will be applied with immediate effect.

AMC Theatres is the largest chain of cinema in the USA, and the decision taken the theatre will adversely impact NBCUniversal. The company is planning to release its many big-budget films in the USA after lockdown, but after the decision made by the AMC, it has lost access to the theatres of AMC. This will be going to be a devastating blow for the company. The biggest upcoming film of the NBCUniversal is F9, which is all set to release along with some other movies, including the Fast and Furious franchise, which is delayed. The Fast and Furious franchise is supposed to be released in the year 2021 till April. It is assumed that F9 could generate about $1 billion at the box office globally.

Amidst all, Adam Aron has made it clear that the decision taken by the AMC Theatre is not an ill-considered or some hollow threat. He further made it clear that the decision or the policy is only to aim the NBCUniversal. Still, it will apply to all those moviemakers who would not abide by the negotiations taken between the two parties in good faith. Adam said that when policies have drawn between the two parties, both are parties equally benefitted. But such comments made by either of the parties hurt the interests of both. He further said that it is not that NBCUniversal has bypassed the releases of its some movies. Still, he has commented on maintaining the status Quo even after the situation got normalized. This act of the NBCUniversal CEO has compelled the AMC Theatres to take such a stringent decision. Adam said that Disney and WarnerMedia have been excluded from the decision.

Source :- https://instoffice.com/blog/amc-theatres-refuses-to-play-nbcuniversal-movies/

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