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The Sanskrit word “Meraki,” which means “Nectar of Life,” is where the name “Amla” originates.


Amla, commonly referred to as Indian gooseberry or Emblica, is rich in nutrients and has several health benefits for many medical conditions. The fruit has been mentioned in the earliest Ayurvedic writings.


Did you know that the Amla fruit contains significant amounts of sodium, calcium, potassium, copper, zinc, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, folates, niacin, thiamin, pantothenic acid, vitamin A, vitamin C, pyridoxine, and riboflavin?


Three hundred milligrams of vitamin C are present in 100 grams of raw amla. In contrast, a lemon contains 77 milligrams of vitamin C per 100 grams of fruit. Therefore, amla has a higher vitamin C content than oranges.

Health Benefits Of Amla

1. It Improves Eye Health

The frequent use of screens, whether at home or at work, is bad for your eyes.

Vitamins A, B, C, and D included in amla juice help improve eyesight and lessen itching and redness.

2. Reduces The Risk Of Cataracts

Amla Juice's high antioxidant content lessens the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration-related vision loss by scavenging free radicals and maintaining corneal collagen. Eye conditions like cataracts are prevalent health problems that cannot be cured.

3. It Eases Eye Tension

Using a computer or phone for extended periods can strain the eyes, resulting in redness, weariness, irritation, and puffiness. Amla juice may be the best treatment for such medical conditions because it may relax and calm your eyes.

Amla, a component of the ayurvedic triphala, has been shown to treat eye conditions effectively. It asserts that amla improves the “Alochaka Pitta,” which controls vision. Therefore, Amla is revered as the “Rasayana” for enhancing vision.

4. Diabetes And Amla Juice

To help prevent diabetes, amla juice and turmeric can be taken twice a day. It is a fruit that diabetics should eat because it is high in fibre and low in sugar. Additionally, amla increases the release of insulin and decreases blood sugar levels in diabetics.

Amla is a wonder fruit to incorporate into a diet to eliminate such medical conditions.

5. Promotes Digestive Health And Treats Constipation

Amla activates the digestive enzymes by stimulating the taste receptors. It is a fruit rich in fibre that improves the digestive system and aids the body's ability to absorb nutrients from the diet. In addition, due to the cooling and laxative actions that prevent constipation, it aids in maintaining a healthy digestive tract. Finally, it eases the uneasiness over time if consumed moderately.

6. Decreases Cancer Risk

Amla's Oxidative Radiance Activity Capacity (ORAC) stops the body's production of tumour cells, which shields cells from oxidative stress-related damage. The high antioxidant content inhibits the development of carcinogenic cells, halting the spread of cancer cells in the liver, skin, and stomach. It can also be considered among anti-cancerous foods.

7. Promotes Weight Loss

Amla juice increases metabolism, which aids in fat reduction. Amla juice can be used before exercise to hasten weight loss.

8. It Relieves Throat Pain

Amla strengthens the immune system and contains antiviral properties. It relieves cold and sore throat symptoms when coupled with honey and ginger.

9. Reliever Of Stress

Are you anxious? We have the ideal solution for you. Our emotional and physical health are greatly impacted by stress. Amla reduces stress by releasing molecules that do so.

10. Avoids Respiratory Problems

Many people are worried about the rising respiratory problems. Asthma, a chronic cough, TB, and chest congestion can all be helped by amla. In addition, due to the presence of Vitamin C benefits respiratory issues.

11. Infections Cure

Infections are treated by it because it boosts the body's defence mechanisms. Due to its antibacterial properties, it can prevent bacterial, viral, and fungal infections.


12. Reproduction Supports

According to Ayurveda, amla improves all seven tissues, including reproductive tissues. Improving male sperm quality helps with infertility treatment.

13. Protects Against Alzheimer's Disease And Dementia

When ingested regularly, amla improves focus and memory. By enabling blood flow and oxygen delivery, shielding nerve cells from free radical damage, and enhancing neuron health, it prevents disorders like dementia and Alzheimer's.

14. Prevents Gallbladder Stone Formation

If used frequently, amla powder can help prevent the development of gallbladder stones.

15. Enhances Cardiovascular Wellness

Numerous minerals included in amla help to avoid heart blockage. Additionally, it reduces bad cholesterol and controls hypertension. It encourages the creation of good cholesterol and preserves the body's cholesterol levels.

Healing of Mouth Ulcers

Mouth ulcers can be treated by rinsing with amla powder because it has medicinal properties.

16. Treats Jaundice 

One of the best natural treatments for treating jaundice is amla. Its vitamin C content and other nutrients support healthy liver function and bilirubin levels. In addition, its juice can be consumed on an empty stomach to treat jaundice or eaten with a pinch of black salt.

The Final Words

Amla is incredibly effective at getting rid of the underlying causes of many diseases. Since ancient times, it has been used in creating medications due to its therapeutic qualities and the presence of iron, vitamin C, and calcium.


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