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Aren't you sick and tired of spending a fortune on pricey foreign goods to treat your skin and hair issues?


Investigating every product available to stop hair loss, becoming irritated when results are unsuccessful, and placing the blame on anti-ageing creams?


If you stop wandering off into the distance and return to your territory, better solutions may be rather simple to uncover.


Even though we are all well aware of the negative impacts of these chemical-based goods, we nevertheless fall for the con. Stop minimising the remarkable advantages of natural substances. One of these ingredients that solves all hair and skin issues is amla.


Amla is a fruit that is abundantly grown in India. It has a distinct flavour that combines sweet, bitter, pungent, and astringent elements. It is frequently used to make pickles and chutney and is a treasure trove of vitamins and minerals that nourish hair and skin.

Benefits For Hair Of Amla

Stops Hair Loss And Dandruff

Amla has a significant amount of vitamin C, which feeds the hair and scalp. Intaking amla as a part of your detox can aid in the reduction of dandruff growth and hair loss.

Prevents Lice And Hair Ageing

Antioxidant-rich amla powder or paste is used to wash hair to stop lice and greying. It enhances hair colour and lessens the likelihood of early greying.

Increases Hair Shine And Growth

By massaging amla oil into the hair, hair growth is hastened, and gloss is increased. It has great fatty acids that help to increase hair volume and make them shiny.

Addresses Scalp Issues

Amla helps reduce inflammation or skin irritation on the scalp because of its anti-bacterial characteristics.

To keep your hair healthy, use amla shampoo or amla powder once a week to cleanse your scalp.

Amla Benefits for the Skin

Amla Possesses Anti-Aging Properties

We all wish to hang onto our wonderful sixteen years. As we age, we become aware of how our bodies change and make every effort to maintain a youthful appearance. We have magic dust to make you younger, so here we are. Amla juice aids in eliminating toxins from the body, and the abundance of vitamin C makes the skin sparkle. Along with giving you beautiful skin, this can help you feel younger daily by slowing the ageing process.

Skin Radiance Is Enhanced

The carousel of youth skin, ascend!

A simple addition of amla juice to your daily regimen will restore the glow to your skin when ageing dulls its sparkle and lustre. Amla juice flushes out all the toxins from the body and stimulates vitamin C production, which makes the skin softer, more luminous, and more youthful.

Heals Blemishes

Amla is a fantastic approach to get rid of acne and greasy skin, so restore your skin's flawlessness with it. For 15 minutes, apply amla paste to the affected area of your face. With consistent use, astonishing outcomes will be seen. Amla is a natural purifier that eliminates impurities from the body, lowering the likelihood of acne, fine wrinkles, and scarring.

Minimises And Prevents Pigmentation

It is claimed that applying amla juice or paste will cleanse your skin and lighten discolouration. Your skin can be treated with amla juice before drying. When it is entirely dried, wipe it off with cotton. Your skin will become lighter and have less pigmentation if you do this frequently.

Cut Down On Dead Skin Cells

Amla juice is the healthiest approach to restoring your dry, dull skin, so you can now add dazzling skin to the list. This gives your self-confidence an extra lift. Amla juice is a fantastic cleaner, whether applied topically or taken internally. Doing so can get rid of dead skin cells and lessen dullness and fine wrinkles.


Adapt Your Diet to Include Amla in the Following Ways

Juice Of Amla

Staying healthy can be aided by drinking amla juice in the morning. You can choose concentrated power shots in tiny shot glasses if you don't want to down the entire glass. Juice should be diluted with water and a bit of honey before serving.

Amla Sweets

Amla is frequently sold as sweets. These sweet and tangy treats will enhance the flavour of the fruit. The candies are small enough to be consumed every day. Some have honey or jaggery as sweeteners and are spiced with Indian masalas.

Ambrette Chutney

Consuming amla chutney is a terrific additional way to achieve your recommended daily intake of amla. The chutney can be prepared in advance and kept in the fridge to be served sparingly with any meal. Many add green chillies, ginger, and garlic to the chutney to improve the flavour.

The Bottom Line

Amla is a little sour fruit with numerous benefits for the skin, hair, and overall wellness. During the winter, it is easily accessible. It can be preserved in several ways, such as dried, pickled, juiced, made into candy, or chawanprash, for up to one or two years. When mixed with other spices, amla tastes great. Eating one amla daily will give you a good dose of iron, vitamin C, and calcium.


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