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InnerSloth, the company behind Among Us, Dig 2 China, and Henry Stickmin Collection, gave a new update on their globally recognized mobile game – Among Us.

Since its release, Among Us received mixed reviews from the players. But those who are regular with the game are aware of how exciting Among Us has been over the past three years.

Earlier, the InnerSloth team was planning to develop a follow-up game as the next chapter in the Among Us franchise, but considering the game’s popularity, the developers at InnerSloth decided to improve the game by prioritizing on security and safety of the players due to constant hacking from mods, which made the game spammy and unplayable for the average users.

Why is Among Us Vulnerable to hackers?

As per some devs and programmers, Among Us has many loopholes, and it’s easy to hack into the core mechanics of the game, which can bug the whole multiplayer platform for all the players. 

Some small tweaks can manipulate the gameplay, which can shift the imposter settings, ban other players, teleport your character, remove a ban, control fellow players’ movements, kill other players, and more.

As per the tweet, InnerSloth took the initiative to moderate the user’s behavior and ban all the game hackers. The highest priority for InnerSloth is about reporting and moderation of accounts. Additionally, the update also includes the addition of multiple languages in the game.

The latest update from InnerSloth about Moderating the accounts

On 20th November, InnerSloth tweeted about the mandatory update to reduce hackers from the game and report accounts. In the tweet, InnerSloth also mentioned the need for making the platform safe for new players who’ll be joining the game soon.

The InnerSloth developers are adding English, French, Italian, German, Spanish EU and LA, Dutch, Russian, BR and EU Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and Filipino (Bisaya) languages to the game, and few more languages will be added on the later update.

It’s sporadic for a game to be globally successful in a short period, but Among Us gained massive traction globally, all thanks to twitch streamers who discovered the game and streamed it online to their fans.


Several hackers hacked the game and added optional features to nag the game down on the same servers. However, the moderation team is trying to remove and ban the hackers, but every day more and more hackers are muddling through the game mechanics to cheat in the game.

Finally, InnerSloth issued a new update that’ll report and monitor accounts with hack-like behavior and activities. According to InnerSloth, banning hackers is their number one priority right now, and in the future, players can expect a more secure and hack-free environment for the game.

Source: Among Us: Big Update On The Game’s Current Priorities

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