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An Author’s Role in Book PR Campaigns

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Successful authors take an active role in their book publicity campaigns. Specifically, it means becoming visible and connecting with the media and target readers. If your budget allows for a publicist, they will make pitches and introductions, but you'll need to do the talking. It starts with writing and publishing a top-quality book that's professionally edited and has an eye-catching cover design. The titles you compete against will have content preparation and marketing support; you need to match them. Writing a book is the first part of a multi-faceted process when you publish independently.

If you're going to write a nonfiction book, it helps to have expertise in your book's topic. For example, an MD will be seen as more credible in writing about health topics. Likewise, a personal financial advisor has the required expertise for a book on money and investing. It's different for novelists, and writers with accomplished storytelling skills can try it. Either way, the promotional process remains essential, and being willing to promote your book is required. It's also common today for people who are already well-known to become authors; books are excellent product extensions.

You'll also do yourself a favor if you take seriously the book and author's pages of online booksellers. Why are they important? Because they help your book show up in search results. Together with algorithm-driven recommendations, they are a powerful (and effective) way to reach target readers. In book marketing, much is made of “discoverability,” which refers to how people learn about your work. Reaching them online in the selling environment is one of the best ways to spark book sales. Following the marketing theory about tipping points, people may need to get your message more than once.

Your author's website is the centerpiece of your online book promotion program and should be well-designed and complete. There's no reason to make it overly long, but you want to have pages about you and your book. Once you have media coverage, links to it also belong on your site. Take a look at the websites of successful authors in your genre. They'll be excellent inspirations for what you want to include in yours. Long-form content does better in online searches – make each page at least 500 words long. Search engines that recommend you judge longer pages as higher quality content.

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