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Are you worried about marks, scars, and dark spots on your face? Is your real glow hiding behind your spots and marks? If you have tried everything and are still not satisfied, then we have got something for you. An easy cream that will reduce all your dark spots and get you this amazing glow that you will love. 


Our touch bright & clear cream is the perfect one step solution for you, that is backed by scientific research and formulation. Dark spots/marks/scars/ discoloration can happen due to many reasons and can happen to anyone. It can be melasma, age spots, sun spots, & post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). Our bright and clear cream is a concentrated cream with the most powerful color correcting actives that will yield powerful results. 


Our Touch bright & clear cream also provides clarifying treatments for acne and other related blemishes that may appear on your face. We combine the best color correcting ingredients in an easy to use cream that can single handedly cover all sorts of discoloration and dark spots! Usually, with other creams, you will find that they target one type of issue. But hyperpigmentation is not necessarily caused by one single reason. That's why this bright and clear cream has been designed to treat all sorts of discolouration from start to the end. 


What are the activities that make our cream the best? It contains – 

  • Azelaic acid – This acid is known for brightening and evening skin tone. It reduces existing hyperpigmented cells without affecting normal skin cells. This also acts as an exfoliator that improves skin texture and is effective in killing acne-causing bacterias. 
  • Kojic acid – The work of this acid is to lighten dark spots by inhibiting that enzyme causing pigmentation (tryosinase) on the skin. 
  • Niacinamide – This is powerful in reducing the appearance of the skin discoloration because it does not let melanin get formed which promotes pigmentation. This is also supportive in controlling oil, reducing acne inflammation, pore size and rosacea. 
  • Tranexamic acid – It inhibits UV light induced activity and minimizes the repeated occurence of brown patches and discolouration. 


All these activities make our bright and clear cream the best to fight against all kinds of pigmentation and discoloration issues. 


We make sure that our cream is oil free as well as alcohol free and only contains clean non-comedogenic ingredients. This permits faster absorption and makes it lightweight to be worn under makeup, moisturizers, and SPF sunscreen. Also, what sets our cream apart is that you get all the same effects of hydroquinone without any irritation. 


If you don't trust us, you can check out touch bright and clear cream reviews and you will find out how people have benefited by it. When you will read the Touch bright and clear cream reviews, you will find out that this actually works and is different from other creams. 


Say bye to dark spots with this one stop solution! You'll love using it.



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