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An essay is a statement of one's own opinion about a subject or object of study, use type my essay for me. Usually, an essay is written using a conversational style with the use of metaphors, aphorisms, or other figures of speech, that is, the text should be mischievous.


As for the work plan, there is nothing complicated here. It is necessary to read a couple of paragraphs and identify the main idea, then describe it in the paragraph of the plan using a few words, also get english homework help. The plan is necessary not to get rid of the teacher, because it is inherent in the academic requirements, but to discipline his thoughts. If you pay attention to any article, it is divided into paragraphs, may have several subheadings. The same scheme can be applied to essays, only instead of headings to the article you should use the title of the paragraph of the plan. All you have to do is read the paragraph, determine its essence and name it. When writing an essay, a plan can be very helpful to express your thinking consistently and not confuse one concept with another, especially if the topic is unfamiliar. Given that the modern age involves more writing than speaking, reproducing an article according to a plan can develop excellent oratory skills.


An essay, like any scholarly work, consists of several parts: the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion.


The introduction helps to introduce the reader to the essence of the problem and prepare him or her for the main part, or use essayassistant.org. It is a good idea to begin the introduction with an epithet, which will perfectly emphasize the essence of the problem. If it is impossible to select an epithet, because the topic is very complex, it is sufficient to describe the purpose of the research and why the names of the problem attracted attention.


The transition from the introduction to the main part should be smooth with introductory words, so that there is no noticeable difference in the transition from one part to another. Next, you need to justify the essence of the problem and your personal attitude toward it. If any question is raised, then in the essay you should try to find an answer to it, or give your own statement.


The main part can contain examples from life that are related to the topic, here it is important to indicate how similar problems were solved in life, and to what consequence it led. It is appropriate to cite quotes, use proverbs, as long as the information is relevant to the topic at hand.


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