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More than 10 Crore sports fans in India use one or more fantasy sports apps or platforms in India and try their luck to win big. Nitesh Yadav founder of Sports Fantasy Guruji , who caters to young cricket enthusiasts to determine the best team .

In an exclusive interview with us, Nitesh Yadav spoke about his journey and success credits.

Q:-How did all this Start ?

Ans :-It started from 2017 in my college days when one of my friend ask me to download a fantasy app so that he will get a 100 ₹ and upon asking in detail he explain that we need to make a team of 11 player by selected players from a particular match which is played b/w two teams. As I am very passionate about cricket it just struck to me as an idea that i should try it because its like meant for me and also seemed easy for me as i had all knowledge and great understanding about cricket , players and everything what was required there To recall i was the captain of our school team in my school days which helped me to understand or to read players mind what is going through there mind before or after match.

Q:-Where did this idea come from?

Ans:-The idea about youtube channel comes during a big bash league season which is played in 2018-19 in Australia.

When I created my team with best possible knowledge but as the match begun it came to my knowledge that six of my players are not playing the match while all the players of my opponent are playing.

So I start working on the research part for few days where in found that we also need to do a proper preparation before the match which includes availability of the players for the match, player stats etc.

This technically requires a lot of time so then decided that there might be many other people who have limited access to all such information or that much of time , thats when i decided that we will share all these details with them through my youtube video.

QHow old is your channel on social media ?

Ans :-My youtube channel is approx 5 year old.

I joined Twitter and Instagram about 2019.

Q:-How is your growth journey ?

Ans :- Our growth journey is just awesome our youtube subscribers whom I called as #SFGFAMILY are very supportive throughout my journey and always supports in my ups and down. Today with the support of our subscribers and my own hardwork and dedication we are a family of 3,35,000 on youtube and want to only grow from here onwards in the upcoming years.

Q:-Who all are in your family Is your family Supporting you ?

Ans :-In my family i have my grandparents, my parents, brother and a sister.

Q:-Whats your Vision ?

My vision is to educate each and every fantasy player in such manner that he/she will be able to make his/her complete independent Fantasy team combination which means they will be independent and didn't need to copy paste other's team. I want to teach every fantasy player in such a manner that they should know what are they doing, are they right or wrong and how much they need to invest in a particular match. In upcoming ipl 2022 our target is to have a youtube family or audience of minimum 5 lakh and telegram channel with members of minimum 2,00,000. We just want to teach as much people as we can for free of cost.

Which all Sports do you cover ?

We gives preference to cricket but also a great knowledge of kabbadi and basketball because i belong to village from Haryana where kabbadi is very popular as a sport.In my childhood we have grown up watching a lot of kabaddi.

How accurate are you in your predictions ?

Our predictions are very accurate you can say 85 to 90% most of the times and it depends on how well , prompt an individual can utilize our predictions because if they utilize our prediction in a proper manner soon they will master on fantasy and will learn a lot from it..

What would you want to address to the audience ?

I want to tell my audience that if you to be a successful fantasy player you need to understand the game, process, skill and need to have some patience All of this is definitely required.my sincere advice will also be to invest within individual limits and play responsibly.

And all of these tips and tricks are provided to you free of cost so do subscribe to our YouTube channel “Sports Fantasy Guruji” and start your fantasy journey with us today.



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