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An Expert Plastic Surgeon Explains the 7 Surprising Benefits of Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery is sometimes considered to simply have aesthetic advantages. While the goal of many procedures may be to enhance a person's appearance, this kind of surgery accomplishes much more.

Unknown to many people, plastic surgery procedures provide several health advantages. Just a few benefits to mention include increased self-confidence, pain relief, and weight loss. Continue reading to learn more! As the best plastic surgeon in Gurgaon, Dr. Shilpi Bhadani has shared multiple advantages of getting plastic surgery.

Dr. Shilpi Bhadani is an internationally trained Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon who is an expert in cosmetic surgeries, body contouring, and anti-ageing surgeries. She is the Founder and Consultant Plastic Surgeon of the best clinic for plastic surgery in Gurgaon, SB Aesthetics. 

Below are a few benefits of plastic surgery:

  • Mental Health Benefits

Happiness and self-esteem can increase after plastic surgery. According to one of the studies, having cosmetic surgery makes patients feel happier, less depressed, and less socially anxious. Additionally, it improves their quality of life.

  • Being more confident and feeling better about oneself might result in improving one's appearance. Some people may feel better about themselves by changing their appearance, whether that is by getting a facelift or a tummy tuck done.
  • Some surgeries have been shown to improve the quality of life of patients in a direct way, in addition to general aesthetic procedures that make people look better. For instance, gender reassignment surgery is frequently performed on transgender people. They can appear the same inside out, and this helps to lessen gender dysphoria.
  • Men with gynecomastia, a condition that results in enlarged male b-reasts, can also be addressed. The extra tissue can be removed surgically. Patients do better when they feel safe and happy in their own bodies, instead of feeling embarrassed and ashamed. 


  • Reduced pain

A variety of plastic surgery procedures can reduce discomfort. It might also improve patient’s quality of life and lessen the need for painkillers.

  • Women with large b-reasts frequently have their b-reasts reduced. Large b-reasts can result in migraines, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, and even limb paralysis. These patients' discomfort levels can be dramatically decreased with b-reast reduction surgery, explains Dr. Shilpi Bhadani, a skilled plastic surgeon. 
  • Another example would be patients with extra skin, which is frequently the outcome of drastic weight loss. The body may pull away from extra skin, which can be uncomfortable and painful. Additionally, it can make simple tasks unpleasant, like walking to the car. Skin removal will ease the patient's discomfort and increase movement. Patients who have less pain will also be able to perform tasks they previously couldn't, like exercising.
  • Better Breathing

One of the most famous plastic surgery treatments is rhinoplasty, also known as a “nose job.” Rhinoplasty can help with additional issues in addition to its aesthetic advantages.

The wall that separates the two nasal passages, known as the septum, can become misaligned or deviated. One nasal channel may become significantly smaller than the other as a result. It could also result in:

  • Having trouble breathing
  • Pain
  • Sinus infections that occur often
  • Extreme dryness
  • Swelling

The only way to fix a deviated septum is to have surgery, which can make the patient feel better.

If one has a blocked nose or an irregular nasal structure, rhinoplasty may help them breathe better. It's one of the most significant but overlooked advantages of cosmetic surgery. Therefore, if someone is dealing with any of these problems, they should schedule a consultation with SB Aesthetics, the best clinic for plastic surgery in Gurgaon. 

  • Weight Loss

Patients who undergo certain plastic surgery treatments may lose weight. For example, breast reduction or skin removal will result in weight loss.

  • Weight loss is facilitated by several methods. After liposuction and the removal of extra skin, patients can exercise and move around with ease, which will help them get leaner in the long run.
  • Even after simple cosmetic procedures, a patient may be motivated to stay in the best shape possible.
  • One feels better when they look well. This gives one the motivation and inspiration that they need to eat well and exercise to keep the good looking appearance.
  • Cardiovascular Disease Risk is Decreased

It may surprise everyone that one advantage of plastic surgery is that it is closely related to a significant concern like cardiovascular health.

But the truth is that a higher risk of heart disease has been associated with high levels of fat accumulation. Plastic surgery can reduce the amount of fat in certain places, which lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Significant health advantages are obtained by an active way of life and weight loss, including improved heart health. The cholesterol level will also decrease.

  • Enhanced Vision

The skin may droop into the line of vision due to sagging skin on the face and eyelids, which could cause vision issues. Skin sagging around the eyes can be reduced with some surgical procedures like eyelid surgery, suggests the expert doctor, Dr. Shilpi Bhadani.

Not only will this make the patient look younger and more vibrant, but it will also greatly enhance their vision. Their vision won't be obstructed by the drooping skin anymore.

  • Skin irritation is lessened

Some people, as was mentioned earlier, have extra skin. Having a baby or losing a lot of weight usually causes this.

This excess skin can cause chafing, rashes, inflammation, and skin infections. Having extra skin surgically removed will lessen irritation.

Gynecomastia, or the condition in which males have b-reasts, can be treated surgically to eliminate them. This would boost their self-confidence and get rid of any skin rashes they were getting as a result of their problem.

Discover the Advantages of Plastic Surgery

The benefits of having plastic surgery are numerous. Even if the surgery is not being done for medical reasons, it will improve the mood and mental state of the patient. Additionally, it might benefit one’s cardiovascular health, weight loss, and vision!

If someone is interested in learning more about the advantages of plastic surgery, contact SB Aesthetics Clinic at +91-81301 34693. We can also give more information about any procedures that one might be interested in. 

Moreover, if anyone is looking for any cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure such as rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, face lift, butt lift, arm lift, etc., they can book an appointment with Dr. Shilpi Bhadani at the renowned SB Aesthetics Clinic, Gurgaon.


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