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The Marine flag is red with the Marine symbol. It shows a sphere attached to a dirty anchor lined with gray and gold. The American bald eagle with the Latin inscription “Semper Fidelis” stands on top of the world. Beak ribbon. Below the photo is a scroll with the words United States Marine Corps? The elements of the emblem are considered to be decorations or symbols of the armed forces carried by the Continental Marines in 1776. These elements represent pride and honor, integrity, courage, tradition and courage combined. The current design of the Marine flag has been in use since 1939.

Flag of the US Marine Corps

Although little information is available on the flags carried on the first US Marine Corps flag, there are indications that the Great Union flag was carried by Captain Samuel Nicholas' battalion on New Providence Island, March 3, 1976. It is possible that the flag was also carried on this expedition. Rattlesnakes. The standard used by the Marines in the 1930s and 1940s was a white field with a golden fringe and an intricate design with an anchor and an eagle in the middle. This flag has the legend “To the coast of Tripoli” written before the Mexican War. The story was changed shortly after the war in “From Tripoli to the Halls of Montezuma”.

During the Mexican Civil War, the Marine Corps carried a flag similar to the national flag. It consists of red and white stripes and also of the union. However, the union has an eagle representing the United States on its shield and a half-crown under its shield. The whole design is surrounded by 29 stars. The Marines first wore national colors (stars and stripes), with each red stripe embroidered in yellow. Marine Corps.

The Marines had a unique role model when landing at Vera Cruz in 1914. The Marine emblem was surrounded by a blue field and a laurel wreath. The emblem is surrounded by a scarlet ribbon with the words “U.S. Pat. Marine Corps “and below it a scarlet ribbon with the slogan” Semper Fidelis “.

On April 2, 1921, orders were issued for all national colors to be made without yellow fringe and for the US Marine Corps logo not to be embroidered with red stripes. On March 14, 1922, an order was issued to stop the use of national colors with yellow fringes or words on flags. After World War I, military training was to wear silver ribbons with inscriptions denoting specific honors, such as wars. This practice was stopped on January 23, 1961.

Order number. 4 Marines in April 1925 named the scarlet and gold official colors for U.S. Marines. However, these colors were not included in the Marine Corps standard until January 18, 1939, when the custom design was approved.

It was the same design as today's Marine Corps standard.

After World War I, it was possible to write war awards directly in the colors of Unity Colors. However, this is not practical due to the large number of prices and limited space. The process was eventually stopped. The Marine Council recommended the adoption of an army system to include streamers among the staff of the organizational colors. Marine Order No. 157 eventually authorized such a system. Marine Order No. 157, dated November 3, 1939, still in operation.

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Congress created five naval companies to lead the navy on its first mission. The drums are yellow and decorated with a rattlesnake and the slogan “Don't step on me” and carry thirteen rattles.



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